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Night. In Game six, takes place Correspondent Steve Futterman and Arlington, Texas. The score of Game five Dodgersfour raise two now turning to fires and threats of fires in the West. CBS News meteorologist Deaf Moron lt could be a very dangerous night across California. Extremely critical fire danger The last time this was issued in Oregon in September, it ended up being a devastating situation. So that's for tonight. During the day tomorrow, the worst of it. Is across Southern California around Los Angeles. When the Santa Ana winds really begin to kick in in Colorado, where the hope is not on early winter storm that has brought snow will help control a major fire. They're off the other coast. Newly formed Tropical Storm Zeta getting stronger, threatening the U. S Gulf Coast. This is CBS News. Never miss a moment. Top news from W T O p 24 73 65 Listen on air on Alexa and on the w T o p AP It's Monday, October 26 2020 46 degrees going up to 64. Good morning. I'm Stephanie Gains Bryant the top local stories we're following this hour. Early in person. Voting starts today in Maryland and tomorrow in D. C. In Virginia. Early voting ends this Saturday. All three jurisdictions are telling voters to wear masks when voting in person to protect against the spread of Corona virus. But you can, they still can vote if they refused to put on one Jim Shellac, is president of the Montgomery County Board of Elections If someone shows up without a mask We'll have a mass for them. What if there's an issue, and they refused to wear a mask? They will.

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