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We're back our three on this monday. After a big weekend of racing really Not just north. America of course dubai and back on american soil and laying over on his way back to new orleans mike stem after bringing mystic guide to may dan and winning the world cup for the host and we congratulate mike stem and hillary and the whole team. It seemed mike that if he ran his race was way the horse the beat and he ran his rice really did he stepped up and handled the the long ship. And you know the change in Routine and really Ran a huge race. Very proud of it. We talked well in advance and of at and as it became clear that you were you were sitting on a horse. That had this kind of potential goal in mind. And all you know everything that you speculated on coming back for the four year old debut and winning resoundingly at oaklawn did it in the slop and that was that was i think the one thing some people wondered. They said well how much of that was wet track so what. What did you consider the obstacles going over and winning this race. Well i mean obviously He had come out as a four year. Old need ran a huge lifetime. Top on rag zandi ran reminded rags in and his best as a three year. Old was a seven so anytime you do that you move that far forward you know if you play the sheets and you read sheets. You know that that's a dangerous move because you the bounce factor so strong when you're coming back you know fairly short which a month is fairly short off of that kind of number and Then you throw in. You know the the travel all the way over to dubai and then when i got there i was greeted with. You know the routine over there which you know is so demanding on american horses. Because they're just not used to it just not what we do over here When when i say that. I'm talking about a basically a two mile walk to the track from the barnes and then after they train a two mile. Walk back to the barnes. So you know that's nothing we do in america you're throwing in your adding in you know a lot more time. rider on their back For you know just a longer period of time and it's demanding and I was you know. I had concerns. That you know on top of the fairly short rest back and The travel i had concerns but my the one thing i did see was that the horse. Even though it was a different schedule and more demanding he was thriving on it. I mean his weight was beautiful. They didn't lose any weight on the trip His coat just really awesome. The weather was in the seventies and eighties so as beautiful weather And i could see that. He was really flourishing With the routine over there and he he actually was was doing well with it. Rather than going the other way which i would imagine there are horses that travel over there and and they kind of can fall apart on you With that change your routine but we were lucky it didn't happen and You know it all. It all went our way and it was a beautiful thing and i mean he wins he wins. Just you know so with such authority terms of attacking the race. When you talk to louis sure you talk to. Karen and you know what What was the the game plan per se i did do was i spoke to Steve asmussen scott blasi. Who have made many trips over there I even spoke to bob baffert. Who obviously he's made many trips. And all those guys you know kind of warned me about the different routine and being careful that you don't you know do too much when you get over there and i took that advice And when we did school him on there was one chance for paddock schooling and it was on the tuesday and once i saw that routine where you had to put the horse on a van from the barn him to the track they get off of and they have to go into two different holding barnes and that whole process took two hours and the next morning. I just said you know what he's not. I'm a. I'm not gonna make him train. I'm going to give him the morning off and just let him kind of recuperate from that that schooling process because he got a little warm got a little hot and You know. Hopefully i mean look like that whether or not that was the right thing to do it. Seems like the right thing to do and You know he again he just really could not have been doing better. Going into the race and Then you have to sweat out The some of the craziness You know felt like a if it felt like a wednesday at retirement with horses horses climbing underneath the gate didn't raise rates night when we we went over and we did that whole process again with the you know two different holding areas and he was getting a little bit wound up. He was getting pushy. I was starting to get a little worried because you know he was like saying. Hey you know. I know what i'm over here to do. Let me go do it. And he wasn't you know it was like waiting and waiting and waiting and he was. He was getting pre pushy about it. Then we get saddled. And i'm delighted that now we can get him on the track and let's go and here we go with the first loose source and then they catch that one and then here we have another one bus through the gate and loose so i mean it was It was a pretty big mess. And i you know i had concerns. Because he got pretty hot. There was even some comments being made by the The announcer their app to track the person that did the color at the tracks. Saying you know. Let's hope that Mister guide hasn't run his race. You know before the race and so You know it was. There was a lot of a lot of concerns or sheriffs. I didn't know that. I did see that That maggie wolfendale made a comment and said for those that are worried. Don't get all that worried about about him getting a little hot because it's just kind of him It's something that is not unusual from right. Now he he has done that before but this was this was to a next level of him getting pissed and and you know he was. Even you know on the track warming up. He was even like kicking out you know with you know this you know. He was not not happy with routine so he he took it to another level. Let's put it that way. Well it Meanwhile when when the gates open these he's all business and he was he was always travelling comfortably. It saved my my only instructions to louis was. We've got to break clean. We've got to get out of there and get a little position wherever that is you know depending on how fast to go and let's get you know kind of stalking spot. And when i saw that happen. I was like i took a a deep breath and finally exhale. That was where he needed. You know. I felt like he needed to be you.

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