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We are back. This is money matters with Ken moraif. And of course, I am your host Ken moraif. Thank you, Jack. And I'm a senior adviser at retirement planners of America. And I have been a certified financial planner professional now for the last twenty marvelous wonderful in very exciting years, and all of the ideas that we talk about on this show. These are the very same ideas that we talk about with our beloved and most valued clients. I do. And since we are since we specialize in retirement planning, our clients are primarily people who are over the age of fifty who are retired or retiring soon, and you know, one of the things that I was talking about in the previous segment was that we've been very fortunate as a firm we've grown over the years, in fact, Inc. Five thousand name is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, and we've come to a place where you know, I've stopped and said where do we go from here, you know, essentially, if you think about you set goals for yourself, and you said goals for how many people you want to help and all those kind of things in terms of retirement planning, and by the way as a firm. Our our retirement planners of America are our goals are to K one is to provide our clients with financial peace of mind. We call your retirement your second childhood without parental supervision. Okay. We want you to go play and have fun and relax and not worry about your finances. And then Secondly, we want your money to last. As long as you do. Okay. So not quite the last. Check you right. When you die bounces idea, but close okay, we want your money to support the lifestyle. You have for the rest of your life. And maybe Lee something for your, greedy. Unwashed undeserving airs in the process who knows but be that as it may. We've set a goal as our firm that we have responsibility. Now, it's like as the company grows, and you watch it happen. And all of a sudden, you realize that you have thousands of families that are employing you as your as their retirement planner, and you have a responsibility to them to have the company continued to grow and be viable and be here for their children, and hopefully even for their grandchildren. So I developed for our company what I call vision one hundred which is that I want retirement planners of America to be here one hundred years from now, and I wanted to be stronger than or at least as strong as we are today. So as we grow we wanna keep our culture in our values strong. And so I wanted to share with you in this week's program the. The our core values. What are the things that we live by? And as I said in the prior segment, one of the things that I would recommend to you is that you do that also for your family. You know, if you are retired or retiring soon, you may be a grandparent or at least old enough to have one. And if that's the case if you had grandchildren. What would you want them to learn as to what your values are what are your morals? What are the things that your family stands for and the behavior that you expect your family to exhibit? And if you write those things down and save them for posterity or even better make video get your your iphone out or your your smartphone. And just videotape yourself and tell your family, these are the five family things. Honesty, hard work, whatever it may be. And and have those be available to your grandchildren one day? You know, so they could watch you telling them what your family stands for. That's that would be a wonderful thing. So in a way, that's what I'm doing on this program. But I'm also secretly hoping that you agree with our core values, and you think they're there. The ones that you would want to be part of. And they would encourage you to say, you know, what maybe I should consider being a client of retirement plans have America. And that would be a good thing too. So one of the things that is extremely important to me is integrity honesty, and so our number one core value is the right thing to do is always the right thing to do. And we made that one I because it all starts there. If we only had that one you'd solve everything else. The right thing to do is always the right thing to do. And my mother actually gave me that one. When I was a young little boy or even as a young man, I'd go to my mom, and I had you know, a moral decision to make. And I'd ask her for her advice and her answer was Kenny. You. You know, what my answer is. Right. I'm like, yes. The right thing to do is always the right thing to do. I know I know. So sometimes you don't wanna do that. You know, the right thing to do is not necessarily the one that benefits you the most. Right. So sometimes you have to sacrifice to do that. And you know, there's a part of this leg. Gosh. Why do I have to do that? But in the end, we all know, the right thing to do is always the right thing to do. And as a firm our firm last, we are currently the Better Business Bureau gave us the torch awards for ethics, and this is we were a finalist last year. But this year we actually were awarded that and this is a North Texas Better Business Bureau. And of course, they're not endorsing us as a financial planning firm. That's not what they're doing. They're just giving us an award for ethics and in my in this business and the business of financial services where you're helping people with their money, and you're doing those kind of things it is so important in my view that you have. Ethics. And that you are honest beyond reproach disclose everything I think these are extremely important things. So we have our second core value. I is the right thing to do is always the right thing to do. The second one is our clients benefit before we do over the years. There have been many many situations where we've we've had a conflict of interest, basically from the standpoint that, you know, we want to benefit our clients, but it's going to cost us money to do it that way or you know, we have to change our computer systems because it's not quite benefiting our clients the way we would and it would cost us a lot of money to do that. But we've always said our client benefits before we do. And if we do that they will take care of us in the long run. So we've never hesitated. It's always been our client benefits before we do. And then our core. Value number six is never sacrifice honesty for growth, and I think you can apply that in all facets of life. I think this is when you're applying for a job. If you're talking to a grandchild is graduating from college or your own child. You know, don't fudge anything on your resume. Don't don't ever do that. It's not gonna help you in the long run. Yes. It may get you the job at soon. They'll figure out that you lied to him. And you lose that job. So never sacrifice honesty for girls. We tell the story visors to everyone. Okay. You disclose everything our clients and prospect of clients need to know exactly what they're getting without any ambiguity without leaving anything off without exaggerating. Anything we want to grow our business. There's no question about that. But if it requires sacrificing honesty to do that, we're not gonna do it. If we have to grow slower than we would have otherwise. So be it. Okay. It growth is great. And as I mentioned, we do want to grow. And we want to be ten times bigger than we are today. Ten years from now, we wanna help ten times as many people have a successful retirement ten years from now do today. But that doesn't mean that we have the sacrifice honesty to get there. We will we always put our clients before ourselves. And the right thing to do will always be the right thing to do. And I think if you apply those things in all businesses all facets of life. I think it's a recipe for long term success. Now, all of this discussion is to is self serving from the standpoint that my goal is to encourage you to say, you know, what those people sound like somebody. I would like to have is my retirement planner. And if that's the case, then I encourage you to go to our website. Our website is our.

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