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Yeah they even did. The voiceovers like What was that. This resistant. The in the web series. I mean then confused now. They didn't have the voice overs in this episode. Okay it was in the web series that that reminded me. I'll talk about that later but it reminded me of What was the penn state one paranormal state paranormal state with that kid. Who be like a log case blah blah blah blah blah and. Then he'd do the voice over also. How 'bout dean rocking out to american band. Yeah so not inconspicuously. Driving passed the house by the way. There's no way that no one would've heard them. But i mean are they ever really like creeping up but anybody in the impala. It's a pretty loud car. Yeah baby quiet. Yeah i mean it's not like they were sneaking up to try to get rid of the ghost or anything but it'd be if they're like staking out a place like driving past it you know. They were maybe they should turn out the tunes you. Can you turn down. Burn american band grand funk railroad. You're right. I'm sorry i take that back. I mean rob. Zombie did a cover a take. It back yeah okay good also how about. The nickname for their command center is not just like command center nicknamed it's commands under one eagles nest eagle's nest wyatt. I'm sorry if i have to communicate with you. I'm going to say your name. You're lucky if i'm gonna eagle's nest let alone command center. Do you think any of the little things that they said were ad libbed. I would think so like they were. They were two lone wolves. There is the eagle's nest spin the tires fires like. I'm pretty sure that's i. There's no way that spruce which by the spurs There's no way the spruce. Like i don't know fifteen sixteenth jewish one six cherokee making a michelle manala gist. I mean if the rate the writers wrote that perhaps to them but he made it up on his own holy. Fuck that guy. Look like josh gates. Josh gates gained a little weight left his hair like natural. I think that he will look like josh gates within. There's like chisel chest in face. Her haters like those are some pretty funny lines..

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