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Inside fashion. I'm here with our esteemed editor at large, Tim blanks. And today we will be taking a deep dive into the fashion season that has just concluded last night in Paris every season, Tim. And is it in the back of a car and all of these fashion capitals. And we have a Chit chat about everything that's going on at the shows would also what's going on in the world. And we just thought it might be nice to have that conversation here and recap the season. That was all of you. We've got lots to discuss. I'm happy to turn it over and start with Tim, Tim. It's been a very intense season. It's been a season with a lot of conversations around the fashioned system. However, it's also been a season with very uneven fashion. So did you want to just give us what? How have you been thinking about this season? One, one thing that you and I talked about in the back of the car was this idea of escape and engagement and the shows kind of escape escape this a singer. Yeah. And how the shows kind of divided into two camps. Well, the division wasn't wasn't that acute, but I do think that. The world is the world is so extraordinary right now that that everyone is being compelled to take a position on on all the questions that are being honest. The things that are happening in politics and in society and fashions different from any other creative area where people. Choosen to to go for these sort of. The uplift of escape or to try and say something more meaningful. I think what what has been so interesting about this season? It is a women's with season, but. People have really been talking about women the season. I mean, really the issues that are confronting women and particularly women and. I mean. It's it's a, it was. It was. It was such. It was very intense month. You're right, but that particular moment in Paris that coincided with the supreme court hearings that those particular today's would just so. Interesting that I mean, so. It was just this. Extraordinary coincidence of current affairs and fashion affairs, which I can't. I can't remember anything like, well, no, I think obviously you have. You have events like nine eleven, which which impacted enormously on the industry. But I can't remember a time when. The were. There were political discussions. People people not people not being scared to not not invading issues, but actually confronting them. And I think I think what's very promising about this is I feel it will intensify over the next few years. Do you think that this was the intention of those designers to to kind of put these issues to the forefront, or was it just a coincidence that you know these Cavanaugh hearings happened in Paris, and then everyone kind of interpreted those shows through the lens of what they were witnessing happening? Well, was a coincidence. I mean, I'm Rick Owens this show, I think was one that really struck a chord with people because his staging head had three or four women black black models walking with burning torches and in the middle. Of the in the middle of his, his show space. There was a wooden tower which was set which was set afire and burned, and the tower representing. Authority and the show was called babble as in the tower of Babel. But I think the the tower represented the sort of solid stolid implacable patriarchy. Well, because that's what that's the spin that everybody Brian it, of course, instantly was that it represented the patriarchy now regards is never been that over in the past. But I think I think. Being an American in Paris and observing what's haven't been happening in this country. I think he he feels he feels compelled like I said to take a position, but it was so graphic to have these women his his women dress like dress like priestesses and dress like this is always an enormous quite eerie spiritual component and what he does, but to see that happening as Washington was was in metaphorically flames, figurative flames. I'm literally watching that hearing on mobile phones out God. Yes, I, I stopped..

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