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Veda might just have the answer for you and it probably has something to do with Science Communication and science outreach soda pop up each I'm bringing. We knew a great conversation where we covered Paul's journey into academia as well as his take on what at twenty first century researchers should be ten. On what what. Skills should be part of their arsenal in the current job market. I think people are just not as good as you could blue haired. They are Madeo To See us as someone here to help Bam not in the near future may be two years if it's nine research field. We may be creating a drug immoral or or proving that the central lifestyle is actually very good for people to get healthy for example playing football except except for your knees experienced but here to help the society. I think we should all of. Let's be here. Welcome to pop up each with David. Mendez the podcast where we explore careers and life after Grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in the world is constantly evolving rules. Get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of Papa. PhD You're before we dive into today's episode. I just WanNa let you know that I've prepared for your resource sheet to help you take a snapshot of Your Currency Situation -Tuation and start defining your profile for the job market in your areas of interest. You can download it by visiting pop each dot com and following the instructions in the website. Footer and I also wanted to let you know that because of some technical issues at the time of the interview with Lindemans microphone her sound. He's not perfect please. He's bear with us and listen on. It'll be worth it so today. We're talking with Paolo Elevator. Blue is currently principal investigator at at the Center for neuroscience and Cell Biology University of Coimbra and an invited assistant professor at the same university. He's also the president of the European OPEAN Society for clinical investigation. The CO founder of the startup might attack. He has a passion for my Takao drill biology in the context of aging shing and lifestyle diseases and for science outreach. Part of his doctoral and post doctoral training was done at the University of Minnesota Duluth. USA where he mixed mitral control research playing soccer for a team called port city and shoveling snow in the winter. I know this reality. -ality really well here in Montreal. His two daughters are gymnasts a trait that. Certainly they did not get from their father. Maybe it's mytalk unreal jeans. Welcome to the show Powell. I'm super happy to have you here. We crossed bats in Coimbra last December in a in a meeting for four doctoral students around careers After the PD. So so I was super happy to meet you there and I'm really really glad to have you on the microphone today. Thank you thank you very much for the dish So Paul just reading your bio. I already have like questions that I'd I'd like to ask you but The first question for the audience out there Would simply be for you to talk a little bit about yourself What your path path? Your journey has been How you got into science and what roads brought you from those first days Being being curious about biology and similar things up to today Doing doing mytalk Andrea Science and science outreach. Will I guess the show has about five hours Salim style. No Fun store so it goes back from mm-hmm to actually my high school. They initially I was thinking going to physical engineering. Because I thought that would on something away away to the Shawnee Nassar Biology something related spice. Then and he's a story of my wife knows the secret. There was a girl in my class. I was really enjoying entered me. I want to go into a health related field and then I thought thought twice. Forget the space now suddenly. I like things with identity the health sciences so I get inside except shoes into going to biology kind of career night school concourse United School anticipated in the meantime that single arrest at school so my land went down the drain but anyway was time who chose. I wanted in college. My first option was actually Gimme going generic at which is kind of strange but it was my first than the day before. I actually still feeling the vipers in my own dime indeed. Bye Bye Birdie Some centuries ago and I was looking at the Lifan courses reversing earlier and I thought did mile chemistry actually looks it seems to me chemistry. We the by biology twelve. This looks like Chelsea's looks nice. Breasts people so I changed and then high injured by so doing four years four five years because of his training I took a degree in biochemistry. Three To sixteen twenty which by the way was accepted saint-marc answered college so I didn't buy evidence in anything else because they it's another twenty. At that time there was no street list year master's I didn't actually got the message So a blind record with PG about food year. I don't know why I have no reason why I really. We decided if I enjoy learning more of our sale. Our houses thought it was really cool. Di- did at the Northern Hill that independence I am a genome at do so many things moving generating achy for us among many other functions. But this was not the topic it was actually exploded. There will in our biology classes or Vikings Wherever you like winner two glasses in mostly would about also all the different pathways in Pampers in my grade? The function of yard working L. Silence More so I approached is is professor. A role in Donnie Moon in blue moon was isolating supposedly one of the best teachers I've ever Niamey was working with Mica. Ponder using some dose Glasgow Studies on sites. How besides Duxing Zeke four Michael Bunger which is in the context of Human Human Disease Looks College and then You accept me for the fellowship. The Portuguese condition percents technology. And during four years I would have these funding so I will do. My studies added edit something different. I do the project that involves the effects of repair can't do protective drug. It was using clinical convertible. He goes governable does affect the Arctic sales from the Russians. beat the Walker. Some some anti purposive. You've delivers blood pressure. So I studied mechanism by which happens studying. Extract the most of my than than investigating was very perfecting because it so in mine we windfall three years so I got a couple of vipers inland. My third year in the third year there was someone else eventually. Also okay so there's always this number of people which I think in my life into a different rebels. I think it's a good lessons that we can have to look decide which people actually change our lives so we got the navy's kindles is a professor at university means. Ken Wallis came to give a signal and he was showing. My Vita. Is that I ever would you. You come to come to my lab. In you use garbled. I tried to leave it or to avoid the toxicity of an anti-cancer in the cancer agents that's used nowadays worldwide. The tools at caveat is actually those So this agent or people treated release agent doxorubicin suffer suffer from acute toxicity in long term books as the as well and there was some some work with below made by mind. Actually short that showed some protective effects can wells with me to go to soda and will a much more deeper steady. We did say molecule. Oh in the night except in in the morning my fourth year. Iran's doing Expense three months. They're snip alone was enough to change my life. In the meantime my mother died which was just that she died. Rights was outside country tree which will actually be Nazi are suffering. The rest is an emphasis. I always say something's going. Life are a wrestles of universe so numerous kind of resonates meaning that there was a strange coincidence so she died in the week whether they have any mental work plans. It was a single week at the three months when I didn't have a single experts or going into that on Sunday Sunday. which allowed me to come up with the little get back on Wednesday yet big infringed were just? Yeah that's interesting anyways anyway. So I finished up work and go we went to Venice. Regression and then can wallace will mean that it could be if I could return there for foibles walk so I finished might be in two years before Gets a Bozo shift from again. The for sensing technology in started going back to the US same lab six months.

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