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And i said you know what i said you really lucky legit buehler's not here right now so do you remember play baseball jb owner he's like yeah could play bates volvo which pyotr last summer you were there right at us some celebrity baseball thing and they were deford desperate before a celebrity so they called us much son when opening took my turn it with four pitches gotta hinting he actually won the game i said of chief euro zero for the mayor he beat so upset with you because you you you're my son are dis respecting the game in you or disrespecting the game of baseball baseball has great traditions don't disrespect the game gulf disrespect the baseball bat in dole group disrespect the game of baseball and the other players yours understand me put daddy does that mean i can't take a baseball bat beating the ground anymore ron and don techs lines always open keith them cannon at nine eight nine seven three they're the mvp awards at three mackel more added inside the park home run right in an amazing catching the field did and your son who uh had a a single the thinning made it around in sao word he took a picture with michael moore and then he went up to him afterwards in the dugout said mr michael moore i just want you to know that you're songs have all lauda dirty word of mouth and what do you say aw i think well wron you know him has been now reich has use your teammates yeah i introduced myself as rani said hi i'm ben van was great and he said you know what are they can make a good point so if you listen to his album this time around not as many dirty word genetic be my son inspire he's very athletic he is great use is really grave meal ballplayer hitting really nice to really really dons his relationship with his daughter reminds me a lot of noise senior found very cute y'all very can't anyway back again a baseball fright we got up this morning so what soured him on that i'm just going to work on not disrespecting the game a baseball my good go to tailor the guard shooting home tonight though you do the drive and should do.

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