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Cnbc's workforce executive council is the premier group c. suite human resources executives from leading companies across the country. It offers a members. Only portal and chat plus exclusive industry contact with access to breaking news calls and digital networking experiences the networking resources. Hr leaders need now. Apply to the workforce executive council at cnbc councils dot com slash w. e. c. My mission simple to make you money on here to level the playing field all investors. There's always work at summer. And i promised to help you find mad. Money snorts craven. Welcome money walk. Merica argue wouldn't make friends. I'm just trying to make some money. Might out not just entertain educate teach. Call me what hundred seven for three or tweet. The action kramer. This market is afflicted with a serious case of lazy thinking and it's starting to drive me nuts that includes today with dow one hundred seven points as to plan owned nine percent and the nasdaq advanced. Point one six percent you might be asking what exactly is lazy thinking but it's the inability to see when you're negativity is getting in the way of a good story. It's what happens when you let your groundless. Fear scare you away from high quality stocks. So tonight i wanna give you some real life examples to show you how things play out when you decide to tough out those worries and believe in what you're on rather than have lazy thinking case in point you're not gonna child but trust where you can follow all the moves before we make them by joining excellent plus dot com called. Every day i go over the trust foiled by hand little pencil. See what if anything needs to be done..

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