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Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di, Jordan Peele, John Landis discussed on R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: ME?


No, no. I just have an erection. Oh, in what situation would I guess at the at the gym or that would be as your toilet is running away. Yeah. That's true. No. But we haven't seen each other in a while. And we had to call an emergency recording session as the bands that this entire program is devoted to as far as I'm concerned. Yeah. And I think they do. Yeah. Yeah. Sort of. I think they put out a new record or records. Buck set. It is a boxed set. See I don't have the box set. No, nor do I know. I don't I don't have a physical copy. We by the way, we're talking about REM if the BBC Harry him at the Hebrew. We tried to get an advance copy of this. So we could put out this episode in a timely manner. Yeah. As I believe when it came out physically neither you nor. I were available to record an app until now. That's right. I believe you were up in Canada doing Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di eighty you know, what happened consider a man who is so stupid. He thinks he sees a monster on a plane, right? Who is the perfect man to play this stupid motherfucker? You are you're in the new twilight zone. The Jordan Peele is is producing. And you're you're playing the third iteration of a role that has been played by William Shatner, and John Lithgow. I've always thought that you are the the rightful heir to those acting styles. Yes. The two of them. It's almost like you mix there. Two styles together. And it equals me. Yeah. Just the subtlety of shattering. Subtlety lift go lift go is amazing in that. I hadn't seen it in a long time. Did you wash it before you did film to the appearance or after I watched it before or in the middle? You're watching it on the plane. What an Easter egg that would be. And it's pretty great. I'm seen in a while. I remember album Brooks, Dan, ackroyd rates. That's a great scene. I remember I saw opening weekend is Saturday matinee at the valley view cinema and have not seen the sense. I have the Blu Ray. But I've watched it. But I remember kick the can be kind of boring. I remember the can that's the Spielberg one which one is that where they kicked the fucking can. I don't I I watched thirty thousand feet. I didn't want the rest of night. Okay. There's this like I think old people people I feel like who's the dude from the shining is he in it Scotman Cruthers Scatman. I believe cabin Chris. I okay. I remember that one. I remember that being sort of cloying. Yes. And then there was the one that, you know, we're all, you know, all the shit went down the John. That's the John Landis one. I as a kid going to see it at the app dust, twin I loved every second of it. Did you? Yeah. You're a little bit younger than me. So I think I was less discerning. I for some reason I was I think I was reading reviews by then sure not a well reviewed movie. No. But I I remember having a preconceived sort of notion that it doesn't I hear it doesn't really work. Yeah. And then I think I also was I believe it was like eighty five or eighty six eight eight. Eighty three that would be my about. We're talking about the twilight zone. The twilight zone movie if people are as Italy law. Sorry, did we forget to mention that? This is an episode of talking about twilight zone. Everyone. Welcome to talking about twilight zone, this guy, and this guy, and I gotta admit I was tricked into doing this show because I thought it was talking about twilight, right? And then just paused for really long time and said zone. That's how I got you in the Bill anything about the twilight zone. But. Yeah. We're talking about twilight zone, and I remember going into it..

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Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di, Jordan Peele, John Landis discussed on R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: ME?

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