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Guys i pay for it. You know what i mean. Yeah i pay for any of them. The thehill fight a welterweight. I mean if you find a decent policy to lopez. I pay pay per view for that. I wanna see what's going to happen. I mean that's right so they might as well to hoses doing that. He fought kelly full. Victor anti-mexican it makes it makes the green princess. I think so i will. I will definitely put jesse vargas. He fought canelo four pack. Y'all he full mikey. He fought bradley. Bradley probably out the game down. Give you know sauce. No more right. I was looking at his nine to any of them news. Man i think they are game if it was the fight. You you're going to have people saying. Oh man he ain't nobody while they've lied in fighting the real one forty seven but they still go by and went. He's gonna get better. Better numbers i think. Many got with right mario's numbers keep going up because well to wait is more sexy division. You get more eyeballs on. Let me get to some other callers. I gotta bliss looking like a brand new call six. Oh nine at south jersey. What was going on was jersey cash. Long kamla yeah. Cash jersey was good brother I i like the idea of the The key thermo Fight only because take is the skill set to exploit a lot of his vulnerability especially when his explosiveness eh. You know he'd sermon this week to the body At what forty seven. I don't keep german. You know out to kill. Take the fight. But when i think about one forty seven hours we'll think about mike garcia. You gotta fight coming up or not. I mean room regis rumors a him reaches but that ain't officials so that's an option at forty seven fourteen. I mean like you said. I think that sounds more sexier at one forty seven then one forty for take if he wants that if he wants to go to one forty seven but i was also thinking you can either bring back. Somebody like victor ortiz. Though he'd be he'd be a nice little touch for me. That's all stress to bring him back off these long lay-off no tune-ups no nothing. But i get you. He is been on the high level for floyd done movies. You know was linked to kanalelo. I mean you know. I could see it. I could see it from promoter possibly yeah. It's it's definitely some options at one. Forty seven any of the top dogs. Like crawford shaw porter a little bit too much right now. I think he's still at that point. He was still needed mature. What have i think he get keith. With the two injuries. Four to five four years i think he knocks keep out. Oh my god. I think he knocks keep out especially if you look at the pack yaw fight and they and what some of the stuff day pack. I was able to catch him with you. Know at this point talked about. Take davis exposed enough to catch him come in going backwards or to the body so i can see both ways. You know what i mean. But i don't think he keep it. Take that fight. He already talked about he never heard of. Ns so he'll probably say you know not crazy tink with floor. He dundee pay views. I'm sure keith would look at you. Funny man i was talking to keep. He told me to come to the gym today. And then he realized he had to go out of town for that url press conference. But i promise on anything i love. I was gonna ask them not shit. I had this tweet since last night. So i was. I was ready to exercise was he. Would he take that fight. That that actually sounds like the perfect one. But if you go over to the u k josh teller man. That's the only doctors say that that that sounds sexy enough over there in the uk. Create a really old. You overlook in kind of ben he kind of bending kind of bigger than just teller kind of been in meccano way bigger than josh tele. Ballistic new jersey. I got you down. Let me get some other callers. Got talk to me right college station. Rafael was goody is on you. Rafael are yeah. What's oh hey. I'm a muted now. Okay good I like some of these fighters who are inactive coming out. If i take it one forty seven. I think it's a good good good look for tank. I don't in terms of pay per view. I don't even know if that has to be on pay per view it can sell an on a free fight. Espn fighting. what have you but I don't i don't think tank beat you. Need the top walser rates. I think a lot of people are are selling. Keith thurman short i i think that was the best keep them and we saw when he fought pack he had Hired two guys. He took a serious that. Keep them and beat shawn porter and keep them and beat danny garcia And i thought we saw the best keith. Thurman their night is just pack has on a different level. So i don't think tank knocked out. Keep them and i think keith thurman beats tank by decision and any of the top welterweight. I don't think tank. It'd be them but i'm not hating on tank. I think tank proved his manso when he'd be. Mario barrios so i'm looking forward him to prove me wrong. Because i think he's a great fighter degree sham. And i think only he can write his own store and i'm looking forward to it. I know it's to be a great story. Well all right brother. Thank you for calling an aunt rafael. And i got jake. Who says what did you see. Gee could but did you say tang versus mikey tank versus bruna tank versus danny. I'll buy them all. Yo you right. I forgot about bernard but the thing is with like they faked boys. They might not want to fight because they boys berne was just at tanked fight in atlanta. Supporting them he walked them out it. Just don't even look right. I know we don't care about that but for them. It don't look right i think But i could be wrong. I could be.

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