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All right. So let's play a little bit back from Liz Greenwood when she was on our show yesterday and an earlier hour, she is a deputy L A city attorney and she works at city hall east in downtown LA, and she got typhus from the fleas and the rats that infested city hall, and she's going public big time because this happened in October, and she's still just recovering. But she's decided I'm going public because there's things they need to do. We'll start with this first clip from her interview about how she all came down with typhus. I got sick on November first which means that I was bitten. Probably two weeks to ten days before that. And I was sick for about two months. The only thing that is left over is that I get bouts of vertigo. So I can't drive because the world spins out, everyone is that going to be permanent. I hope not it was the worst headache I've ever experienced in my life. It started on November first by the by the following which is a Thursday the following day. I woke up in my neck with Steph, and the doctors thought I had viral meningitis. The was it really felt like someone was driving stakes through my is and out the back of my head. But have you retire at work? I have not returned to work. I have the doctor has I can't drive and I live actually over an hour away from work. So they I have I don't outside of Uber. I don't really have a way to get there. And I'm not eager to go back to an office. That has been cleaned up yet. Filling a little more. Does she said they thought she had meningitis viral meningitis? She actually did her own little research and went back to a doctor and said, you don't test me for typhus and bingo came back positive, and she's keeping those test results because they didn't want to believe her and the only way to get rid of this is to get rid of the vagrants and their garbage. Everyone has to be clear on this. It is the garbage the food that the vagrants leave in their tent encampments all around city hall that caused the bacteria to spread the rats. Eat the garbage get the typhus, the fleas beat bite the rats, and then bite people like, Liz. So it's about as disgusting is you can find in the modern world. So now, this clip it's important you listened closely because this is the campaign she's on and we think she's right? And we're trying to help her and listen to the very ending of this. Remember, this is a deputy L A city attorney. So she knows the law. Let's listen thousands of people that work in that building and hundreds of people every day that are doing business with the city going in and out who have no idea of the health risks that they're putting themselves in. They didn't even send out a department wide Email to let them know that one of. Their colleagues have become infected. They literally did they from what the HR person told me they sprayed some please spray in my office. So that I would feel better. Please. There. There's no movement to clear out all the garbage and the food and the rats and the vagrants that are creating this whole mess down below. No, there's bad, and there's no movement to even fumigate the building to get rid of the fleas or the rat. This is my friends and my colleagues and and. Thousands of people that I don't even know who are exposed to that to me allowing a health crisis like this, and this type of health risks to continue without doing anything is borderline criminal. Yeah, we say even more than that. I think it is Colonel by the way, we reached out to her boss. The LA city attorney, Mike sure didn't wanna come on. No comment, you'd think fear would come on and say these are my workers to protect them. I feel horrible that this happened. I'm sorry about this. We're closing the offices for for a week until everything's fumigated. And then the trash hauled away from all around the building area. And yeah. And the vagrants are removed. You've got a radical. You gotta move the vagrants. We're also gonna talk to L A city in LA county health departments to see what they're doing. I mean, she's right people have been exploited, by the way, she pointed this out, and it's good to remind remind me that this is flu season. There could be some people to typhus and didn't know it. And just thought I got the flu because the symptoms are similar, but you have to take that specific medicine to fight it too. I did too Doxa cycling. I think right. I mean, if you have a good system it's possible that you know, you could eventually be okay without taking the medication. But if you don't. This could be terminal in the long run because it's very dangerous. So what we're doing is. We're going to help Liz all we can to get to the bottom of this. And you heard her list of things that should be done warnings posted fumigate the building. Instead, you know, don't just flea spray her office, will you just an isolated incident. We're going to take care of your your crazy fears and just put a little fleet out because they've always had plenty of typhus out in out. Skid row. Yes. We've had a lot of cases of typhus. They had started. It started last fall. And I don't think they've ever radical. All right. When we come back. We will tell you a little bit because there's a few funny things one of the favorites. When we talk about the upcoming state of the union speech is who is the designated survivor, as you know, one member of the cabinet is stowed away in casing major disaster strikes. Everyone is the president is speaking to congress. And it's usually the loser member it's complicated this year. We'll explain why that and more coming up. John and Ken KFI. Debra Mark has been authorities.

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