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The 2017 intel report on russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election the senate intel committee agrees that russia intervened in the election to help president trump lawmakers on the house committee said they agreed that putin had wanted her to hurt clinton but did not agree that meant he wanted to help trump wls traffic at four thirtythree the edens right now out to lake cook sixteen minutes inbound from lake cook to the junction forty kennedy outbound jumps and forty five it's an hour ten out to o'hare inbound from o'hare to downtown now or ten junction in thirty if you're traveling on the eisenhower now it is a real mess at least an hour ten out to the wolf and close to an hour and a half out to thorndale inbound from thorndale to downtown that's an hour twelve i'm wolf in at fifty minutes stevenson out to the tristate fifty five out to the veterans toll an hour five inbound from the veterans toll fiftyfive tristate forty dan ryan ninety fifth forty two inbound from ninety fifty downtown we're looking at about a twenty two minute trip and there's no major problems reported right now on i fifty seven or on the bishop ford and the reason for the really high travel times on the outbound side of the eisenhower this afternoon is outbound a wolf a car fire has all lanes blocked police and fire are on the scene next traffic update in fifteen minutes the wls money report swiss pharmaceutical giant of artists says it it's top lawyer is stepping down over a deal to hire president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen is a consultant the company says general counsel felix era is re retiring the dow closed up sixty two points at twenty four thousand seven hundred sixty nine the nasdaq was up forty six and the sp five hundred was up eleven points news on the hour the half and when it breaks continuous coverage at wlsamcom were steve doll on the way our next.

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