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Because everyone deserves a fighting chance to get their life back on track. Watching the triple A jam cams in the 24 hour traffic center. Dennis knew Bacher W W. J News radio 9 50. All right now the act with the forecast here's meteorologist Dean DeVore. All right, We're looking at another beautiful start out there this morning. We'll see Sunshine and some building, cloud says we get in the afternoon. We'll stay in the mid upper seventies of best Today. I think some spots up towards thie thumb could see maybe a Sprinkle in some spots here this afternoon, but I think closer to the city and South and know of the city. We should be dry now. Temperatures tonight will cool back down into the fifties Upper fifties in the city, Lower fifties and outlying areas. Back up into the upper seventies. Tomorrow's Sun, some fair weather clouds and then up into the loaded mid eighties. Nice and sunny and warm. But not that human in the afternoons Thursday and Friday and then made the upper eighties going into the weekend Saturday still looks dry Sunday has or humidity and a chance for shower thunderstorm. 64 degrees downtown 63 at Metro Airport. Sun Sim building clouds in a high Today of 77 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist in DeVore, wwj NewsRadio, 9 50 We've got you covered Traffic and weather together has checked every 10 minutes on the eights Right here on news radio. 9 50 W W. J as you work from home, Make sure to catch up with the latest Corona virus developments. Favorite W W J on radio dot com For tune in news radio 9 50 news time is a 10. This is getting a lot of reaction in Roseville, A local artist Ed Straws, has painted a mural on his building to pay tribute to the 13 Lavonia nuns who died.

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