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What makes a man attractive to a woman? Well, probably lots of things. But one thing you probably haven't heard much about is altruism. Women seem to find altruism in men to be very appealing in short men who display helping behaviors are generally perceived as more attractive than men who do not. But new research dug a little deeper and found a few interesting nuggets men who displayed altruism were found to be more attractive by women looking for long term relationships when it came to short term relationships. Non altruistic men were in fact, more desirable than altruistic men altruism appeared to be even more appealing than physical attractiveness when it came to long term relationships unattractive men who were high in altruism were actually rated more attractive for long term relationships. Than attractive men who rated low in altruism. Of course, this was the result of an experiment research, which doesn't necessarily prove it's always true in real life. But but for some men, it could be an easy way to gain an edge over the more self oriented guys out there, and that is something you should know. Remember if you hear an advertisement for one of our sponsors. That sounds interesting to you all of the links and promo codes for discounts and special offers are in the show notes for this episode. I'm Mike Carruthers. Thanks for listening today to something you should know..

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