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By the colour Yokich Mason Plumlee, just drag him up. What the replaced? Some contact there. I don't they might review it to see if. Elbow. The forehead. That'll make you see some stars. Now, the referees will. Gives the nuggets and officials time out here. I wonder if he got cut already has a black guy. I thought the rule where you have to review every blow to the head. No matter where it is. I mean, that's one of those deals you don't Murray it missed one game in his first two years and that was because he had to go through pro concussion protocol. And this one looked worse than that one. Did a couple of years ago. Murray is going to stay in the game. And they're not even in a review that thing. I don't know why they're not revealing. I think one of the coaches, I mean belongs talking to Scott the rep wall right now. I thought all blow to the head. You had to go review it, but apparently not the case here. Inbound goes to Jamal Murray. He sees four basketball right now these across a time line open to call yoga's dribble. Handoff to Barton. He turns the corner throws it opened. A Beasley had fake on the three. Does a cross-court will be Yovich touch pass. When we kick out Barton and a three short. No, good rebound comes down to gram grams gets the pass up the right wing to Harris Harris top the grand behind him to Harris founds Passover the crew roofs. She gets the paint. Throws it in the corner to Jared. Allen ten on the shot clock right now back to Alan passing. He lost it out of bounds last touched by Denver. And that'll be Brooklyn basketball with nine seconds on the shot clock. Wrestling.

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