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After the holidays Ted suddenly distanced himself from Diam with no explanation. He halted any discussion about marriage plans and when she came to visit him he was irritable and antagonistic after pursuing her for six years and after a month long passionate affair Ted suddenly turned cold. Diane was heartbroken when she returned to San Francisco. She wrote to him begging for an explanation but he never wrote back. She eventually called Ted Furious and yelled at him. Why was he doing this? His reply chilled children to the bone. He said flatly. I have no idea what you mean. Then he hung up. It's possible that Ted's pursuit of Diana after all those years was nothing but a power. Move Away to hurt her in the same way that she hurt him an eye for an I if this is true and he had always intended to make her fall in love with him only to reject her it would mean. The moment was literally years in the making being a deliberate sadistic plan. However there's a possibility that Ted hadn't intended to break up with Diane? Perhaps there were other the factors that play shortly. Before the break-up his grand plans of attending a prestigious law school fell through his Ivy League. Applications things were rejected has l sat score. Didn't make the cut instead. He was forced to accept admission to the University of puget. Sound a small Mall College located in his hometown of Tacoma. Ted was devastated. He hated himself for not being better for years he dreamed of becoming a successful lawyer and in some ways it was the entire premise of as rekindled relationship with Diane without that future richer he may have felt the need to reject Diane before she learned the truth. He certainly felt a consuming sense of failure. As Ted sod his future was was dimming the goals he had pursued for more than half a decade had disappeared in a puff of smoke. And so did his self control on January Fourth Nineteen seventy-four twenty-seven-year-old. Ted took a short walk from his apartment -partment at the University of Washington to a nearby housing complex. It was a familiar troll. He'd made several times before for days. Ted had observed the buildings bottom unit from his car. He discovered four university. Students lived there three young men and their lone female roommate. Eight eighteen year old Karen sparks. Karen was a freshman at U. W. and a dancer. She had a pretty girl next door. Look with a kind face face and long dark hair. She slept in the apartments basement bedroom fairly separated from her male roommates. Just after midnight Ted. Ed quietly broke into the apartment and entered. Karen's bedroom there. Ted stood in the doorway away crowbar in hand. He approached the bed where the young woman slept peacefully her breathing steady. Ted's breath however was rapid as he watched Karen's unconscious body her dark hair splayed on the pillow. He felt his mind begin to spiral. His his blood surged through every artery. Then he slammed the crew bar into her skull once he started and he couldn't stop again and again. He bludgeoned Karen blood spattered his face and his clothes in his rage. He broke a metal rod brought from her bed frame and sexually assaulted her concussed body after he was satisfied he slipped out of her bedroom. Door it into the night the next day. Karen's roommates assumed she was sleeping in for most of the afternoon. It wasn't wasn't until seven PM. The following night that they found her unconscious lying in a pool of her own blood but miraculously she was still alive the injuries karen spark sustained that night left her with permanent brain damage and physical disabilities but but it was only the start of Ted Bundy's reign of terror. One that continued for the next four years coming up Ted Bundy commits his first documented. Kill and begins a murderous rampage that rocked the Pacific northwest. Now back to the story in January of Nineteen Seventy Four twenty-seven-year-old ted. Bundy committed his first known attack and sexual assault on eighteen year. Old Karen sparks a freshman at the university diversity of Washington Karen managed to survive the brutal attack. Ted had attempted murder and failed but it wouldn't be long. He tried.

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TED, Ted Furious, Ted Bundy discussed on Serial Killers

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