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In Morocco will re open this week just in time for the latest Star Wars movie KCBS is Kerry who dissect reports from the green theater the reams theater with its a brightly colored neon exterior has been an iconic landmark here in downtown Moraga since the nineteen fifties it closed for the first time in nineteen seventy three but has gone through several re opening since then Moraga resident Ken Anderson remembers meeting her friends here when she was growing up she's now getting ready to bring her kids here for the Star Wars premiere this Friday we needed to re open as part of the community I mean back in the day I used to dance in it and now that I die with taking my kids to see movies in and spend sad that it's been closed so we're so excited that it's opening up again doors reopen this Thursday under new ownership mayor Kimberly corpus says cinema west purchased the theater and made improvements all while preserving its history this treasured community asset it's just it's an astounding thing for us it's really a a vindication of all the time and energy and love that has gone into this project I think I think everybody here is really really excited extensions include a sixty foot wide screen paired with Dolby immersive sound and luxury reclining seats in each of the two auditoriums at the ram theater in Moraga carried a sack KCBS arises sky Walker got a standing over Asian at its world premiere last night in Hollywood director J. J. Abrams told the audience which included Steven Spielberg Ammar camel that he was mostly terrified to show the movie which is the conclusion of the third Star Wars trilogy and the hot new thing on the drinking scene Christmas pop up bars KCBS is Rebecca corral introduces us to one at Union Square in San Francisco cottontail haven is one of the one hundred bars across the globe turns itself into a Christmas pop up far this time of year complete with holiday decorations Christmas music I am very very festive cocktails on my favorite jingle ball blog which is kind of a take off traditional eggnog groundwater cognac and sherry and a lot of other calories and then there's the yet because I am a mother you know what a nod to the unlikely Christmas gift diehard Pacific cocktail haven co owner Kevin Dietrich says they provide a total escape from politics the stock market shopping like a great movie are great for just come in for a couple hours to get that have you taken blaring at you and have a night getting cheeky little like pop covers cultures references in the bar and it's something fun not really fun unless everyone else knows you're having it right this place is supremo Instagram of all your close up candy we want people to build a post about it and they do which brings even more people to the bar who are willing to line up outside for a chance at some yuletide fun Rebecca chorale KCBS KCBS news time eleven fifty five and here's your moneywatch update positive economic data helped stocks to eke out narrow gains the major averages finished at record highs even as the sugar rush from the US.

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