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A new call our but an old listener we're looking for new listeners like that new listeners that but we've attracted to the show maybe moved here research so it's a new show what's in all shown a new time slot made a lot of people moved into a Colorado recently and they point Hey this Dave Logan guy yeah yes Sir yes Sir that pops out of their pie hole tarian roars next on KO hi Terry hi a wall after all about I have to tell you I'm an old list from your afternoon drive time so I miss you guys so trying to catch in your new slot but thank you but I wanted to say was a day that I can remember so clearly when you sad and I think it was two thousand thirteen mind paying almost but not the numbers the Broncos were the Darling of the NFL media we were relevant all wanted to know what was going on here and use the Bronco fans you need to enjoy this and remember at because that's rarely happens that I may not ever happen here again and I think Bronco fans just feel like franchise quarterbacks grow on trees in Denver and didn't really you know believe video but now that we've seen other side of the court I really yearn for the days of all I guess I would say well you know we're a profit well then I don't know but that Terry thanks thanks a lot for listening and a calling to I mean breaking cat that we we've talked about this before and I say this in a in a positive way Bacchus fans are spoiled they they've been spoiled to a franchise that has had just unbelievable sustained success and also to all time quarterbacks it John Elway for sixteen years if Peyton manning here though the the latter portion of his his career though those are you know I I think it's pretty safe to say two top ten quarterbacks and some people even say two top five quarterbacks no doubt it's a quarterback league you got to have the quarterback it's really tough to win consistently without that guy yeah and the Broncos have been spoiled Broncos fans have been spoiled in any even when this team was a playoff caliber and count the number of years aside from the last three maybe this one that they that the Broncos were not at least a playoff caliber team used to be eight eight season you look at and say mess a horrible year that's not right you know not not by NFL standards look at other franchise cultures got fight Wade Phillips got fired after going made made Wade Phillips I think she did too what he ate natives last year what's the Mike was a native's first year and he might have been I think it was a thousand two thousand and eight he might've been eight Nate that year as well so really only in Denver can you get fired after an eight made season and that shows you how great this franchise a better when you think about it Joe Flacco I'm not put in jail in the same classes Peyton manning or John Elway but he did win a Superbowl so you have another Super Bowl winning quarterback part of this franchise right now so give the Broncos Broncos had been that team they've been they've been great and and I did say in that the long as I've lived here yeah you're right my crusade Nate no wait and he was also a name his first yeah you get fired at eight Nate well they are eight and five that year and then lost their last three games in law's provision that's right yep that was not good finish Jeff endeavor joins us on KO a nine forty three AM is Tuesday Jeff Hey I am somewhat of a new listener I've never heard of this Dave login guide but I need a favor I was wondering if you all would be interested in hosting ace Ording event and for charity and I was just wondering if that's possible to do what I want to do is I want to challenge a guy to a boxing match and at the end of the boxing match I'd like to take all the proceeds and donate it to a local charity here in town the listeners I tried to do that one time let me work out you challenge I go to a boxing match no I want to I want to challenge you got to a boxing match on your show at a local boxing area around here and do so a chip maker that sharing of them so you box can you buy no I don't know I don't but I am related to a famous boxer that counts so this is a guy you know like no well he's my next door neighbor you guys have in a dispute over some sort were having a dispute and want to challenge him to a boxing match and I want to donate the proceeds to a charity here in town let let us help you let us get the particulars first of all what age range are you and and what age range is he at well he's probably in his forties and I'm in my fifties mid fifties side size of both we're close to the same size he's a little shorter okay I'm a little call in reader's digest the answer here what seems to be the problem through my American flag wave that has been sitting out on my and the reason why I would want to do it a charity event is for American veterans or children of American veterans or some other kind of charity what what what would you do that he walked to your balcony and stole your American flag well he took and answered in the garbage why I don't know users so some kind of a mood and it's been pretty much bothering me for days so it does feel like you're you're patriotism is a problem for him but I guess maybe I mean have you what have you talked to him about it not yet I figure I talk to you guys and then if we could make an event where we could take it and make a donation from the proceeds and put it towards a charity maybe he'd be interested in it and we could settle the dispute and go on from there last thing how do you know for certain he did it I was there when he did it did it in front of me and you said I told him that if he's going to do that two of the American flag that we couldn't be friends anymore and that's not good enough for him so I think what we need to do is disputed because we live so close together so I think this will be a ways to finalize everything soak before let you go Jeff what was the flag in the Commons area it was on sale of it's it's by the mail boxes and the flag of been up there since July fourth okay is he a citizen yes okay so he's not offended by the flag resented by flags offended by the word is funded by the flag is funded by the the the country but he reaps the benefits of this country all right well Jeff here here's what we would we would suggest so that what that dude and talked to him a bit I mean if the flight is in a common very if there's some sort of H. away provision the state she can't you know you can't fly I mean I don't I don't know he did so he lives in in an individual home maybe it's an apartment complex or something maybe maybe there are rules against that I don't know but before you want to get into a boxing ring you might want to try to work that thing out yeah I certainly would let somebody walk on my property in **** the American flag but it I don't I don't know if this story that's the case it does sound a little tricky we don't know enough yes and does he want to do the boxing is his neighbor everybody wants the box I don't want to you get hit in the face that Mike Tyson quote everybody has a game plan tell your punched in the face yeah I know it's I I firmly believe that I yeah this by this box until somebody hit you right in the kisser John Aurora joins us on KO hi Joe Hey how's it going guys good how are you Hey good Hey I appreciate the show man you guys are awesome thank you Joe thank you Joe you know I'll just wanted to talk a our yes yeah how long you been listening about four minutes yeah five go ahead you know maybe about a couple weeks but Hey I wanted to talk about the whole MRI if you guys were talking about yesterday yeah we're talking about the Broncos player who got hurt in the game Sunday they gave me an MRI very quickly and we were wondering if it was at the stadium right so on an MRI tech and an MRI tech for about twenty years now basically it why the really expensive and again most teams and most companies are going to just put one in because they're like multiple millions of dollars right right will be cut these teams are associated with a company that can do the MRI in an hour or two or whatever it is but I think it is in that MRI eyes are a safety issue so you can have just anyone going in there and that's the problem because those MRI machines are like at a one point five test for MRI they're like thirty thousand times more powerful than the earth's magnetic field what what what so what do you say and do what you mean you just can't have anybody going in there what what he meant right because it's a safety issue because implants you have to check people for implants like some people have peacemakers or any real sure sure but when a we're one of the leaders were not assuming the NFL would would not do that they're not going to put one of the players in an MRI without doing all the due diligence right I mean it works well but here's the thing is that a lot of people confuse MRI with cats can't so the problem with the the stadiums probably have cat like a casket machine learning now they have a mission with exact they have xray machines there in a couple stadiums have MRI is yeah there's as well why it won't be pretty should be they can't have they don't have them in the stadium but they're like right outside no there in the state in their stadium there's two stadiums that have MRI is in them I I mean yeah I'm back I just looked at it yesterday but I mean yeah that the MRI is the bridge sensitive area not the thing with that you know you know it's just you know it can sucker for cleaner into the into the machine I mean if you don't bring the right equipment into the room it'll it'll suck it right into the machine so that that's the other issue with the two and then there's like a whole bunch of like regular regulatory stuff that you have to go through but like if the room has to be special because it's like a ferret cage so you know no RF can penetrate the room otherwise the images no good yeah well I'm I'm I'm we're not we're not we're not debating that what you're saying is true joke and thanks for the call then I'm certain the NFL follows MRI protocol right I mean you would think so I don't think they just let some amateur give the guy the MRI there would be an MRI tack you said in imara recently I just had to go yeah now that there's a doctor and that's on staff at the Paul Brown stadium that says you're in the MRI scanner less than five minutes of your plan yeah they do have them at in a fill stadiums for sure so and this doctor works at the.

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