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There's been a lot of discussion of weather with would have been fatal, or whether it would have just been very bad for them, but it would have been very serious effect, but that solar flare nineteen seventy two was not nearly the strongest solar flare. That's ever existed. I mean, there was the Carrington event back in the mid nineteenth century, which was so powerful, of course that was, we didn't have satellites. We didn't have electronics going, but they did have telegraph lines, and that solar flare collapse the earth's magnetic field to the extent that. Moving magnetic field induced voltages in the telegraph lines which caused fires in telegraph offices I mean if if a flare like that hit us today. It would cost. Lights funding did a estimate of that I mean it would be like a trillion dollars worth of damage. All of our satellites would be destroyed electronic systems all over the world electrical power grids. We'd go down. And there's nothing we can do about it. Except that statistically something like that happens maybe once every five hundred years or so so far we've been lucky. And, not too much more, you can say about it. we are people are? Still doing research to try to be able to predict solar flares so far without. Many positive results, but I just read recently. Some new research is indicating that you know. Maybe they've made a breakthrough. being able to predict solar flares in advance would be a big help so that at least you can get ready for it, and if you had astronauts on the moon. At least they could try to get inside their shielding, but other than that It's statistics and so far we've been lucky. I Dr. Hoffman in other interviews you have stated that shrimp cocktail your favorite food in space. Can you explain for our listeners why you select? You know when when when you take away. Gravity, there is a an upward migration of fluid from your lower body to your upper body, and so you get a lot of extra fluid in your head. It's a little bit like having sinus congestion and it. It decreases your sense of smell so that you. The food becomes very bland They provide extra tabasco sauce that we can sort of spice up our food. The Nice thing about the shrimp cocktail dehydrated so the shrimp themselves. you know nothing to write home about you? You put a little bit of water on them, and they don't have that much taste, but they pack it in a really really hot horseradish sauce so. I found if I would eat a shrimp cocktail. Before dinner every night that horseradish would kind of open up my nasal passages, so that I could smell and taste the rest of the food a little bit more, so that's why it was my favorite food, not because it intrinsically taste good I mean as a shrimp cocktail. It was you know I. If they served it to you in a restaurant, you'd send it back, but it really opened up the nasal passages so that I can enjoy the rest of my meal well. I guess it's those little pleasures that make life worth living. Well thank you so much. It's been such a privilege to talk to you Dr Hoffman. We really appreciate you sharing your time. And I hope it's giving maybe a new perspective to some of the listeners who haven't heard some of this stuff so thanks for your interest and It's It's been fun. Yeah, thank you so much, thank you. You have a great day, sir. Well, thanks once more Dr, Jeff Hoffman and National Geographic for an enabling us to have this wonderful chat..

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