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Origins think archbishop romero as being the expression of liberation theology as profound solidarity with the poor in on a religious assertion that christ jesus had a preferential option for the poor as head christianity that the entire proposition of christianity was one in which Poor folks were their experience with the very center of the story. And should remain matt. And that the contention that has political implications for everybody who professes christianity incomes incomes of justice making amber means with which they pursued justice. So that's the contention liberation theology but started in latin america as i say a really kind of grassroots movement but proliferated into feminist liberation theologies black liberation theologies and other sort of identity based liberation theologies over the course of the seventies eighties and nineties and beyond as we learned how to apply the methodologies in the to center the experiences of other marginalized groups in the practice of theology. Ising essentially. it's feminist. Theology is one of those offshoots when i consider the early feminist theologians to be my among my greatest teachers as well as james cone and other black liberation theologians united states. However it's what's interesting to me anyway. That i'm not christian and never was right so it was something about the what would they call us terminated. It's it's it's a. It's an interpretive man's of liberation theology that i overlaid and other parts of my life a way of understanding the world it's part political analysis part social justice commitment. It's a cohesive way of looking at the world and how it works and how it should work is really what liberation theology has given the in my life and it doesn't require a christian on depending how does one go through divinity school which i in my ninety. I seem to be a christian faculty and not be christian. Do you have to be very quiet or are you there saying. I'm not just well. Certainly there may be among your listeners. Folks who would say that A christian has no business going to a christian school which indeed i did but i mean feel logical..

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