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Shows the story of SpongeBob square pants and Patrick trying to find Gary the snail and in this clip Keanu Reeves pops up as a sage his head as if to say hi he's always had isn't a sage brush and he talks to SpongeBob Patrick nice little celebrity cameo cool the SpongeBob movie is out in theaters may twenty asal Hoff no really that's the thing like they have the cute celebrity cameo this time is key on a re write only cameos David Hasselhoff really no why do we call it a cameo I wonder well because I know exactly right a plus for yeah the big Florian general that's what I was going to say and when you have the cameo it's like a face on it saying and what is this person and it's just like you know you just get a little person thank you right you know what a Turkey sandwich according to wikipedia okay we don't have wicked wikipedia's trash well you know we'll get the real answer don't you worry I'm telling you what we could be wikipedia why pink is stepping away from music I do I do I do she's taking a break from music for at least a year to focus on her family this is what she told Entertainment Tonight she said that with your children show her children being in school and her husband Carey Hart is ready to focus on his career she's just going to take a step back so good for her I that is the if you can do it ma'am he can't get those times back so good for her here you go yeah tells me go tell that have.

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