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Avenue for the state of Virginia. And ultimately, that's what's important north of has apologized, but has not said that he'll resign time for KIRO radio realtime traffic. Here's Tracy Taylor. Okay. So we just cleared a wreck on eastbound Sierra one six two out near one hundred forty fifth street east. Also hearing that south line sounder train fifteen twenty three delayed about ten minutes in route to Lakewood, and that's because of some inclement weather. Also, north sounder trains are about an hour behind schedule because of inclement weather. This jackknifed semi is not doing anybody any favors right now. Heading in the eastbound direction of highway eighteen near maple valley. Two hundred and twenty first all eastbound lanes are. Clocked a significant lineup right behind that. Again, drivers are finding this to be a bit of a problem. So if you can get past maybe even using the Kent Des Moines to seventy-second drive heading out to the maple valley. Highway kind of working your way around the situation may help. However, no estimated time more they're going to have the roadway reopened heading eastbound on eighteen outside of maple valley. All right. Here's the deal. Whatever is wet is starting to freeze over I'm hearing from a lot of you that there are some very slick on and off ramps and bridges and overpasses and some of your area surface streets, even parts of the freeway right now are extremely slick. So one drive for the conditions until give yourself plenty of extra time and space from the vehicle in front of you instead of quick breaking their okay because we see a lot of Fender benders because of the quick breaking. So again space and time is what's needed. If you are hitting the road this evening now, I'm hearing that we've got problems westbound zero nine hundred out near one hundred nine it looks like DOT is de icing westbound lane out there since there's been mulch. People wrecks along that stretch of state route nine hundred traffic.

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