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Listening to the glenn beck program farright so here we have it the three the three attackers in london what we know about these guys if you're just joining to show the three attackers identified yesterday the third of which was identified later a young man it's funny two of the three were known to police one definitely was known to authorities the second have been reported the italian authorities because he's an italian citizen but the third of these the oldest of the three was not known to police at all so the suspicion is of course how was he radicalised was he one of the people was he radicalised by the leader of this group who he says was where he was radicalised by watching youtube i don't necessary we believe that either by the way i've just been back and forth with my friend jay dobbins it looks like we're gonna try to get him on this hour of in the next segment of the show and in my apologies to j and everybody else with the scheduling mix up but we're gonna try to get him on to talk about operation fast and furious but the orlando the the orlando shooter was not a terrorist attack although there were people dead and i've i had people email me that i know saying terrorism defined terrorism while in my mind what we're talking about is what the intent is the orlando shooter had no intention of terrorising the orlando community he was after those five people were that company specifically for specific reasons the terrorists and if you think about the gangs that america do you think if you live in a in a big city where gangs are are a big thing you realize the tactics they used in the neighbourhoods they live in they don't expect everybody to join them but everybody in the neighborhood better fear them you'd better stay away from them you better not rat them out you better not tell anybody about what they're up to so they use fear.

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