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In Kate's not morning I run the Kerry in the campaign news room it's four minutes after eleven o'clock the gunman in the gallery garlic festival now believed to have killed himself the Santa Clara county coroner's office contradicting earlier accounts by police officers fired the shot that ultimately took him down investigators had previously said the nineteen year old gunman was killed by a trio of officers who responded in less than a minute chief Scott Smith the address the conflicting reports yesterday afternoon I do know that the suspect was hit multiple times by the rounds that our officers fired which put him down it appears now that ruling on the cause and manner of death that once he was down that he was able to get around often he shot himself sounds like that round was to the head the Gilroy garlic fast shooting ended with three deaths including two children a shooting early this morning in Maderas left a man dead police were called to the area of Sherin Boulevard and Wilson street where they found twenty two year old angel the **** with several gunshot wounds he later died at Madera community hospital the crime is believed to be possibly gang related anyone with information is urged to call the Madera police department or crime stoppers at four nine eight stop victory has been declared over a past in the south land we get details from camp G. AG director don York a Mexican fruit fly infestation has been a rather candid in and around the city of Long Beach according to the California department of food and agriculture the CDFA along with the USDA and the Los Angeles county agricultural commissioner's office had originally set up be seventy nine square mile quarantine zone after three flights including two media female flies were detected CDFA released hundreds of thousands of sterile male Mexican fruit flies to rid the area of the past the Mexican fruit flies due to target more than fifty types of fruits and vegetables potentially causing severe impacts to California agricultural crops and to back your gardens John York KPMG news news partner fox twenty six reports that highway.

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