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Town. So keep that in mind do metaxas but Yeah Planet Coming back a few more times in March. The days are longer and whether warmer so traveling up. Here's that big a deal yet fighting cold weather sometimes. We have a snowstorm but yeah maybe to smoke on the cabin. Hopefully come back. I'll have all them link that we've been missing. Oh catch a hope though. Skin stretch him fuel rain. Well the it seems to go in waves you know so. We've been kind of slow wave here last week. So maybe next week will be things have picked backup. But they're still around. I mean obviously. They're not his name. Is the word when you started the season but yeah there were a lot actually. The Best I did coming up here was going back to town one time after I'd been here have through that cold spill yet but I didn't have much set out here either. So had the big slough set out but I don't think I checked it right away. Got Cold so you stay here and worked on the cabin very good. All right we're wrapping up in the next time that I will be in a jet plane. I'm not looking forward to that. I've I've not looking forward to the fight back but it will be good. It'll be good to give back back into things and and for me the next month. I think I'll be back into the under ice beaver trapping in northern Maine. I have art time coming back from Alaska doing any trapping in the first week. I I think I told Jim was like I don't know if I want to. Chapman mean anymore. So good here But the BEAVER TRAPPING. A main is really good and In and be able to do that kind of a little relaxed paste go on the weekends and on my days off and set out when the weather's nice and right around had the kids with me so it'll be a lot of fun as we get into spring then who knows maybe a little bit open. Water Beer Chapman in the spring Catch a few there and then just move on so yeah it was a good experience and I'm excited. I'm excited about it and it was museum as good as I expected. Maybe a little bit more so I won't say everybody come out to Alaska and trap because every situation is is different and unique In hard to know necessarily what you're going to expect but for me it was a very positive experience and I'm going to do it again so yeah..

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