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Riley pennsylvania europe old guy kabbah et are the ball william crowe off who criminals right there sitting around twenty spot i would go with with williams at this point i mean carell he's been better your lease in later weeks but still widely williams is prize the play today gilbert wants to know eric sanders sport duke johnson i think it's sanders dukes kind of slowed down last couple of weeks when crowe been good it's almost like they can't support too good running back in a pr format and because crowe's played better do because not so yondo center eric rodriguez wants to know prd on lewis or marchand lynch dion luis he's a guy spicer any type of ppar action he's going to catch pat result evac field you worry in the new offensive for some reason that guy the could stonewalling and kinda put him on the outside looking in because that tends to happen every once in a while but another big fan of the unmo's up in new england i would have to play them johnny in illinois john you're on the focused stafford get the bears lower branch gotta give legal right now you know who's they're playing eric make your decision i would go prescott i think what's going to happen job game is the deal score plenty of points in prescott can't run the ball is going to gget a lot of points to including some garbage time out prescott's really good iin staffers matchup is definitely i think no tyron smith but again this season me run for his life for them but he's going to be throwing her he's gonna throw at least forty times so they prescott i think they gave a drink claiborne like a first bell hall of famer nods last week with the way they cut your lives in for a season in one game it's six sacks yeah unbelievable justin america adjusted but i think they need to non tp wide receivers top on gig wandered off game or mike i'm gonna go with hopkins and evans right there this has been playing those two guys are the point thank you for calling.

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