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The other side of the world RCA would partner with NASA to develop whether satellites and ground based observation station. So they were really becoming. Ng an instrumental company in the space race as well around the same time RCA contributed some of the equipment that would make up the United States ballistic missile early warning system or bemuse B M E W S. It was a system of radar facilities and communications channels meant to detect an alert the United States to any sort of missile launch originating, particularly in the Soviet Union because this was taking place during the Cold War between the USSR and United States, and it became particularly important in the wake of the Soviet Union's launch Sputnik, which wasn't just a satellite. But also a demonstration that the Soviet Union was capable of launching a missile that had a long enough range to potentially strike the United States. So if the Soviet Union were to say attach, a payload of nuclear warhead to such missile they could. Enthusi- have a nuclear strike against the US. So the United States went to have a system in place in order to detect any potential missile launches from the USSR RCA would produce a radar set and a communications data processor for this system. It also relied the system that is relied on equipment from many other companies not just RCA companies like General Electric, western electric, and Silvani a- also contributed components to this. So while RCA was prominent in the minds of consumers looking for television sets at home, the company was also working closely with government and military organizations in the United States in the nineteen sixties RCA dominated in the television camera industry. The the consumer television industry going out and buying a television set that was really competitive, but RCA was pretty much the name in television cameras for actual TV studios. The TK forty four had become the Indus. Standard and on the consumer front color television. Sales were starting to pick up in the early to mid sixties by nineteen sixty six the overall color television market was around three billion dollars a year. Now, that's for all color TV's. Not just the ones that are CA was making. So we're talking worldwide sales reaching three billion dollars hefty, but not anything close to what the television consumer market is today. Obviously now at the same time the company was participating in larger efforts to develop new technologies and one of those was the stereo eight four Matt also known as the eight track tape. This was a form of magnetic tape storage specifically for audio and music. It was largely designed for in car audio systems. And honestly, it probably merits its own episode of tech stuff. I should probably do a full episode of tech stuff about the development of the eight track for. Matt, particularly since some of the people involved are real characters. One of those would have been the legendary Earl madman months who was an important and eccentric figure in consumer electronics in the forties and fifties and sixties as well. Anyway, prior to the eight track Goldmark that was the brilliant engineer who had been a pain in the butt to our RCA's as David Sarnoff back when they were trying to race against CBS in developing color television, and the thirty three and a third RPM long playing record Goldmark was the guy at CBS who developed both of those will he also developed a hi fi car system a system that would allow you to play recorded music in your vehicle, not just rely upon the radio something that is pretty standard in vehicles today. But it was brand new back. Then now, however gold marks approach rely. I'd upon vinyl records. Yep. You would have a turntable in your car instead of cassette player or CD player or digital radio these days. So as you can imagine this was not ideal. Because if you went down a bumpy road. It would start sending this needle skipping all over the record. And so you would get terrible experience that way, you know, the the song would skip around or you'd have this horrible scratching noise..

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