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Follow the beer guys on facebook twitter and instagram here. We go again now. Back to the beer guy's radio show welcome back the beer guy's radio show. If you enjoyed the show. Please consider supporting us on patriot. Go to patriotdepot dot com slash. Beer guys patriots. Get cool perks. Like beer guy. Swag and commercial free episodes now. Let's get back to upcountry brewing company. John regard got into your dill pickle. Goes that we had to get that into a brian as excited. We've been having ideas here. So i'm i'm a fan of nikolas berry you know i'll do it up. I'll hook it up. I think this would be great. Bloody mary mix this dill pickle goza. Not if you done any crazy crock tells with a beer have not yet. But you're giving me some ideas not gonna lie law right. This is great. this is not one dimensional. Like i like it. They'll pickle beer might be. This is great. It needs to be Garnished with a slice of cucumber. May be here. Here's the trick to this one right because like i said we made it a couple of times and it was a huge hit. I had people come into the taproom and said you know what we drove from fifty miles away just because we heard about this pickle beer and we had to try it. We actually did a limited release in cans and it sold out immediately so we're bringing out full-time in march but people who love pickles love this beer and people who don't think they'll like pickle beers love this beer and the reason is it's actually not pickle. We use cucumber. We use dill pickles spices to give it that flavor and it does have the cucumber flavor. Not so much like a a strong garlic dill type of pickle but it has the cucumber flavor. Which is really yet drop some water a little cucumber absolutely. But you're right you do get the layers you get the cucumber. You get the the deal. You get the spices. And i dig it. I dig it. John i do. I'll yeah absolutely now. Do you distribute outside of north carolina. Right now do you go to some of the neighbouring far south carolina. Okay all right. You not come in. Come to georgia here. Know at some point. I hope to. We had actually were supposed to watch in georgia in april twenty twenty but obviously something got in the way of that. so that kind of all by the wayside. We're hoping to pick it back up. Maybe this year hasn't really started this conversations back yet. But currently we're in western north carolina and then kind of upstate south carolina colombian. That's it okay. Yeah it's still a little early to make big plans of what you wanna do. Let's see everything shakes out right absolutely now. Speaking of distribution something you do i notice. It's a little bit different. North carolina does allow self distribution correct. Yes but you choose to do most or distributor with limited self distribution. I haven't heard a lot of people that have gone that route. What made you go. That was so. I think it was the timing and opening so late compared to all the other burris went when i first started is excited like i mentioned earlier. I put some beer in my car driven over to an accountant i was just blown away. The world kept going our first year business. We did a lot of self distribution especially in our local neighborhood west asheville and as the brand got more popular. You know. it's a decision to make you spend money on drivers trucks and sales people to hit all the rest of western north carolina and we actually talked to a distributor with our local distributor in asheville. I believe carries fourteen other breweries. Think that's right okay. So obviously they're doing something right if there's that may work in there so we talked to them and actually worked out deal where we gave them the other counties but we kept we're going to do self distribution in our area right it within i'd say two or three weeks a couple of the accounts delivered to said oh i heard that the the budweiser distributor has your beer. Can sort through them when i get other stuff. It's a lot easier for us not construct my head like okay. Okay yeah so you know at the request. i mean. think of it this way. If you're a bar that has one hundred taps right and you have to deal with single brewery coming in as a self distributed beer and right one hundred different checks every week all these things. It's that's hanging already. Yeah that is one complaint. That i've heard you know the brewers are like. Hey we like to do this. But i've heard from bar and bottle shop owners and managers are like look man. I don't want to be doing this all week. I don't wanna have to do that like you said john. I don't wanna do this one hundred times right. so here's the real secret to self distribution. This is what we do. We're allowed to do this. If a bar runs out. And they can't get from distributor immediately. We can run down the street and get a beer to legally see. That'd be good or it's a you know a one off small item that there's three kegs like up. There was a bar. The street from us called auditory. There is more across the street. Determine it's an awesome place you guys get up. Get check it out. And i heard on previous show. You were talking about glitter beer. We actually made a glitter beer but it was only for that bar and no one else and we just took it over there. Brian glitter beers man. Are you ready ready for the ride to know. More about this glitter glittered. Beer was so twenty nineteen. Let's be honest. it's not something we've done recently. And i hate to admit this but i actually did not drink it because our salesperson took a big swig of it looked over at me and smile and he had a big mustache was covered in glitters. Like now not doing that. That is fantastic. I think twenty twenty one. You can keep the glitter but you have to add lactose that makes. I'm lynn toews. Good toe spirits are. That sounds dirty. That's an idea. i got that one. What do that john do you have. Do you have like a style or mission. I i know it's not a style because of what we tried here. But what your goal with your beers. What do you want to accomplish with your brewing. That's a great question. Honestly we're just trying to do a variety of things at having a pub. We have twenty taps on so twenty different beers at anytime and it's the great opportunity to be able to experiment and play around when you're doing. Production is just making the same thing day in and day out and while you get good at it does get a little boring kia. Yup you know. I know some guys that have went to work for larger breweries. Who wanted to get into bruin. And they kind of expressed disappointment there like chime cranking out make every single day so just to give you an idea. Here's what's coming up or what. We've brew last week in this coming week and we have by the way are moore james. Bertram great guy. He is awesome twenty. Does we did a four year anniversary beer. So of course. We did a belgian quadruple. And i invited back. A couple of brewers used to work for so brewer at the wedge in leuven brougham both came in and we got together to dispel belgian quiet. We're actually got h half of a whiskey barrel half of durham barrel and then bottled up. Were doing a strawberry milkshake. Ip silver low behind a chai amber amber anything's with glitter. Because as you're behind the time litter in toast this summer. I got it. That's.

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