George Herbert Walker Bush, President Trump, Clinton discussed on The Jim Bohannon Show


All i would have to say as i wish that the politicians were as concerned about it as you are we simply report we simply tell you how we think we do a little show that's grown quite a bit over the last few years overnight we have decided there are many shows out there that do differ there are many shows out there that play the political line they're going to be republican going to be pro trump no matter what and that's fine there's enough room for everybody out there to do their thing and in the marketplace you will either succeed or not succeed eric and i decided a long long time ago as talk show host and i know for myself i won't speak for eric i can remember when it was where i just said i i'm a conservative libertarian but i'm an independent and i remember probably it was i'm trying to think when george i remember when because i had become a talk show host when george herbert walker bush was was president when he said remind lips no new taxes and then when against that and i remember i i became a talk show host and i disagreed with where he you know where he went on that there really wasn't a lot of criticism there was a lot of people that were upset at at george herbert walker bush at that point for for doing it i remember the first and then clinton became president and all that and then when it's when w became president and it was mccain feingold disagreed with you know the that that he signed it was a steel tariffs that that he signed in that they had to completely retract twenty one months later they finally figured out about thirteen fourteen months and this isn't working and how to retract it.

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