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Know or they get you a sign a nondisclosure agreement okay. So five year old firm which is backing from these big guys. You Know Coca Cola. Aw here we go. They have evaluation as much as a billion dollars it. They're going to say you invest in this firm. What are they investing in? Was The widget Egypt today. Make the product service corruption the timing of any IPO or other XS unclear to nail hasn't hired bankers to fully prepare for the process. But they were getting. This is what they're announcing in February. They were going to do this. So these financial guys are GonNa do what the heck is going on. Who are they saying this to wire they say what what are they waiting on? You know what what's for her to get elected president. The idea for the firm came about a couple of you before the firm got its official starting eleven at its inception to NATO embraced its ties to the democratic establishment. Mr Clinton joined Teneo. It was honorary chairman. Although he left in twelve abidine one Mrs Clinton's longtime aides worked at Teneo for a few months while simultaneously Taniwha holding a job in the State Department. And when Mrs Clinton was Secretary of State so Teneo and the State Department are the same thing just like like Google. I mean they are State Department. This is all google stuff often the youtube and everything it starts to make more sense if you look at the article he was Newsweek. Has Julian assange before you went into the Ecuadorian. Embassy was in the United Kingdom and met with Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt brought in another guy or two in the State Department that it was very clear State Department. Google State Department government all same thing Eric. Schmidt's the boy. Eric Schmidt is taking over the position of Henry Kissinger such had a position. I mean you know. It's it's that role that that kind of guy I got the power of Weird you know the facilitator of the mission of of what of you ain't in control of your life and getting freaky that you know you're just livestock and this is how they're doing it. As Secretary of state and her aide Huma Abidine gene were working into nail which was created by the Houma. Abidine of Bill Clinton Doug Band this was it was. Corruption are plus their connection to Mr Clinton as well as former British prime minister. Tony Blair Tony Blair was to who was an early Teneo advisor. gave the new firm credibility as it pitched for business according to William Burke a partner at law firm Quinn Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan. LLP and a former special counsel to president. George W Bush. I don't think they all get to play with Mrs Clinton's campaign campaigning. For President intense scrutiny of the intersection of the Clintons government business and philanthropic tropic activities has focused more attention on Teneo last year for example Republican. Senator Charles Grassley asked the State Department for records. Selena all dealings between Ms Osdene and Mr Band so here we got the right hand of Hillary and bill working together. I mean Y- yeah you said that that request for records I may not send some flares I guarantee it who spent most of his career band working for Mr Clinton I at the White House and then at the Clinton Foundation. It's unfortunate that they're getting caught up in political cycle. Mr Burke said when when you hire former government people there's always going to be a question of the revolving door the neon flashing example of it. Kane'ohe is getting more attention for its break. Knicks Brit Breakneck speed at which it is adding services and hiring people as well as talk talk of a future. IPO Now when they announced this IPO. This was not where I I heard it. It was in the Wall Street Journal. I think maybe days before this in the Wall Street Journal they talked about this. IPO and we talked about it on the show. We got a call from a listener a friend and he said hey man this this here goes is what we've been covering. He's kind of clandestine. He's in the banking industry and he. He wants to be all kinds of secrets and stuff. But he's just you know one of our contacts. He says look you pull this thread. They will all become clear man. I know exactly what they're talking about. So when you do Teneo or Kane'ohe aunt today. Oh in Bolivia today. Oh and Ukraine Teneo in Russia today or whatever as a search on the freemen's Phoenix search engine. This stuff starts coming up and you go damn damn. We've been covering this stuff a lot of times. We didn't even know it. You know I had to nails to what the hell's that we go on about some crazy stuff that they were doing and it all starts to come to understanding uncovering the secrets in exposing the lies of what's going on the vast majority of the firms. Roughly thirty five hundred clients have come about through the networks of the founders or through referrals clients have also been sold on the presence of senior Teneo advisors such such as former us. Senator George Mitchell former British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Harvey Pitt the former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission the former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission the SEC. So whenever Patrick Byrne went some. SEC approval. I love block chain of. We're GONNA tear of whatever you think these guys don't get to have a say when.

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