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Hello welcome to gen z. Seventy sixers i'm christie brazil your host and we'll will be going over the way to stats breakdowns. Recaps and drum for the philadelphia. Seventy sixers get ready for episode one. Where i will distribute player rates for players from the sixers roster. This episode also serves as episode number one hundred and ten on jesse hoops. If you want to become a true expert on the philadelphia seventy sixers and you came to the right place. Today's a great day. Both a cheese. Steak and julie basketball. That's where the transition goes beautiful. And then i'll commanding starts up. Okay did it do just. It's so stupid. But i gotta make sure we do it so we know that this is where he's doing because if if the guy is i would sound so stupid. Welcome to gen z. Seventy sixers a part of the gen z. Hoops podcast network today. Joe marriage gen z hoops. Leonard vision expert and host of gen z. seventy sixers. chris bosio cute way. My sincerest apologies. Were cutting right there. We have to redo some wording things or a notebook.

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