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That, of course is the. Not sober at all. Champion. Alexander Ovechkin, saying boys and girls and babes. I got time to bleed. Did we figure out what Eric decker is. I was about to make an Eric decker joke there you stole it from not the best way I've ever started a segment donlevatar it's rich is instill my material. It is Jimmy traina, stealing my material. Get outta here, man, who is that? Who's EMMY trainer is a media writer, I think at of out of New York who I haven't the likes to God's. Like I heard this. This is the pivot of the stugatz schmo. Me salesperson Jimmy. Like, I don't know Jimmy, but I haven't a light Jimmy, Jimmy train us. Other guy would hang out with your pronouncing his name wrong by the way, but keeping move whatever. I like Jimmy, these live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. So we were talking earlier in the show about what you do when success and winning in sports is attached to morality. We were discussing it in the case of the Astros going after Roberta, assume, and signing him. Even though they say they've got a zero tolerance policy on domestic abuse, and he is one of the most agree GIS offenders in the history of sports with seventy five game suspension. They signed him because it will help them win. And now there is a report from Brett mcmurphy formerly of ESPN in which it would appear through the reporting that urban. Meyer was caught lying about an incident in two thousand fifteen that he said an event in Chicago. He was only informed of the situation right before his appearance. Quote, I got a text last night that something happened in two thousand fifteen, and there was nothing. I don't know who creates a story like that. And now mcmurphy is reporting is is pretty damning in terms of, no, he knew about it and so you can believe whomever it is that you want to believe. But I'm interested in exploring the idea of when a guy becomes too valuable to get swallowed by this stuff in the country. In this country, you have seen very powerful people swallowed by me to very powerful people committing crimes. You have seen Roseanne go down, lose a very valuable TV show because she entered into these waters and no matter how big star she thinks she was. And no matter how much. Of a hit her shows rejuvenation was which it was Disney said goodbye. We don't need that near here. When is that coming to sports? When is some of this stuff? One of some of this stuff going to be fireable because I would say that there they're two coaches in college football that could drive around with a body in the trunk of their car, and it's urban Meyer and Nick Sabin that you cannot touch them that there will be no flames that climb up to grab these guys, but we've seen CEO's go down all over the place. Are they immune is urban Meyer too good to be fired. He's already sold his soul. Once he said he left football. He said he couldn't sleep some nights. He knew what he was doing at Florida. He knew how many guys they had arrested and he had some difficulty with the decision making at the crossroads of do I want to win or do I wanna do morality? Do I wanna do you know Dame changing morality? And so when you read some of these details on this report. Mcmurphy did the reporting. He's put his name on something here and you can read it on the internet if you'd like. I'm glad Brett did the work because I was watching that big, ten media, Vail ability. Urban Meyer had as Sewri was developing and he went into great detail about two thousand and nine and saying he gave the the, the alleged person, the benefit of the doubt in terms of letting him have a thorough investigation. And he took time and he and his wife were meeting with the couple that was involved in this incident..

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