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Tried to tell you in January, the UCF titled claim was only going to get more and more efficient. We tried to warn you. Some of you still were paired for an August when the record books showed up in his right, their national Paul champions twenty seventeen Alabama and use. He f- it's official. Was it the Cali matrix Colley matrix. One of the Jason was so grateful to point out. Let us all celebrate Alabama's twenty seventeen split national title, Alabama. When a share of title this needed a disputed title. Thanks Iraqi Lous coaching change in some horrific overtime, play Alabama claims. A piece of the two thousand seventeen title. It would have been funnier if it would have been funnier than happened to George to. In my lifetime, Georgia has point five national titles. I mean to it didn't come into the second half, right. That's half xylophone. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah, let's that's got wallowing in that level of indecision. No, so UCF. Congratulations. We're going to treat you like a champion now and that means the minute. You lose your third game or whatever. Oh, the media hate, oh, the dynasty is over what happened? What happened to this once proud champion that we will now shit all over and talk about how they were always ally who benefited from blabbity, blah, blah, blah. So the minute you lose to uconn and on opening night. Yellow, no, something fucked up, but you can't. It's really fucked about Randy Edsall. Okay. So Randy Edsall is sixty. And as I was talk it mentioning to y'all before we started recording, he played, he played college football at Syracuse, start what happened. Hey, we're, we need. Hold on. Fucking down..

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