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Well we're gonna fight and yesterday my friend the the tom doc it's my father we ever memorial golf and it was a celebrity event really weird nick knight sloth in max b fell from uh old ius gauge the great andrew dockets who is now headed your house state apparently announce that uh before the outing without telling his father which is fine when i man and then we had a uh a good friend of mine who's a police captain police chief of the safest town in the united states he has made it the safest town licking near indiana so it was a celebrity event set a lot of money raised not a beer drank let auction items thereby made it home safe successful day my friend at you know what and spending insisting summer i mean i had a chance this summer to go to the nba summer lee which blew my mind because you think it summer basketball i can summer basketball right couple nba teams reversible jersey's you put the name of the jersey on the front place a ball boom move on eighteen thousand people thomas mack santa last time i saw that sought that fall unlv was beaten by about one hundred way larry johnson and greg anthony notice that so added it was unbelievable van i know you had a chance to walk some of it what's kind of you take away like this sinam rookie class you know the tatum's the balls dennis smith's the caleb swan agains the judge jason tatum's what was your take away from that stuff well i'm gonna do it you do and we all we know we looked prep resolve this by saying we know each summit okay we see it that the guy you're dealing with or playing against you aren't going to be on rosters like you know ball had like thirty six one nine late them work working james black link from indiana can't our chair he's not going to be there and union fears he's not gonna be starting lines with all all right we get all that but i will say this this group is perfect for the nba like we think the playoffs weren't any good okay fine near you people can say that maybe they were maybe they weren't depending on your taste.

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