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Org the warrant piece report. I made me goodman. At least twenty. Five people were killed and china's henan province says it was battered with a year's worth of rain in three days. At least twelve of the victims perished in the inundated subway system. Dramatic online video shows passengers trapped on underground trains. Chess high in floodwater meteorologists. Said that kind of rainfall happen. Once in a thousand years greenpeace has warned. China's cities would see even hotter summers and weather rainy seasons due to the climate crisis china's evacuated at least two hundred thousand people in siberia. Three hundred twenty thousand residents have been told to stay indoors amidst record-breaking wildfires with the city of yakuts experiencing what might be one of the world's worst ever air pollution events here in the united states. The skies are once again thick with hayes as far east as here in new york city as the massive bootleg another fires rage in the west. Meanwhile the great salt lake the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere has tied its all-time historic lowest level and is expected to break that record soon amidst the ongoing drought in japan. Even some sporting events already started the head of the tokyo olympics. Organizing committee did not rule out a last-minute cancellation of the olympics as cove in nineteen cases. Continue to rise. Meanwhile deaf blind swimmer becca myers has withdrawn from the paralympic games after being denied the right to be accompanied by her personal care. Assistant due to new cova restrictions. Three time u gold-medallists. Meyer said.

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