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A categorical answer to that because this is coming from some kind of set of unconscious mystical a sort of standing like a site. But i mean it. Doesn't you know if we take this into the conscious. The conscious mon was saying. Wow so we've gotta take every bit of coal. That's what we have. And that's absolutely not what i'm saying. It's not. It's not what i'm saying to what i what i was implied. Either but you're right. I could see the mind. Go there exactly. Yeah i would say that. What motherhood wants from us is that and again. If i mentioned iran about the state of the beginning of the nineteenth century the west started to come interested in eastern spirituality. And it's interesting to me. But if you if you look at the level of interest within india at about china because the british run india. I've read a lot of old accounts from that time and for the most part. A lot of the indian people were not so interested in the own spirituality just a just basically developed into document into the you pay the brahmin to bless your cow and and that was it. It wasn't so much interested in the in the in the deepest spiritual Levels of of the vedic wisdom so it was actually the the british and the germans and the frank chin particular who went in and took a real interesting stuff and started making well learning sanskrit and them making translations people like john woodruff with the southern fire and who else but the officle society that ski any sent people like that he started to help you or is that kind of that kind of wisdom so it seems that already at that time the colonic effect upon the earth was already starting to have an effect upon humanity. We were already waking up to the to the extent where we want to go back into the past we wanted to start mining. The ancient wisdom interesting the industrial revolution really did start in england in your country there and then this other spiritual aspect kind of started there as well. It's i think it's quite interesting. The minder standing of the industrial revolution in england is it was very kind of widespread at local level. There's a lot of local engineers working on things and building weirs and bridges and dams and turbans in engines and it was like everywhere. It was getting energized very interesting and then and then this interest in india and and all of that which opened it up to the west in the lesson and it also it gave india's wisdom back to itself at the indian started to think i mean if you look at gandhi gandhi initially love the british coach again candiate. Originally you know. He went to london to Trains employed in his trading and he basically was wearing western suits. And you know. He thought that The british of this little island nighttime konkan whole subcontinent of africa. These guys are amazing. I want to be like then. So yeah he was doing all of that stuff and then eventually Cozy he became his self actually started to to to value the wisdom of his own country. I mean that just happens. I think there's something about that. That just i think that's a human condition or something because in thailand john. Buddha is one of the famous famous monks of the last fifty years and he basically decided. I'm going to save thai buddhism. By teaching westerners why because he knew that once westerners took an interest. The thai people would say wait. What are they interested in and get interested in it and then You know you know. I teach at a university for buddhist monks. And there's that kind of cute saying around thailand. If you want to learn something about buddhism ask a foreigner and if you wanna fix your computer ask a monk. So you've got this kind of switch of what the two sides are valuing when they look at the other they see. Wow you've really got something interesting. That i want to get at and you know the people from here can look the power of the west and the people from the west. Look at the power of the spiritual traditions here and yeah we we give it back to each other. Yeah it's really beautiful. And yeah just feels to me that this is all of this This awakening sanctions sunlight. Being released that something could side on the good side as well but at least technologically doesn't account for the pollution but the good side side is that it's powering up a civilization but owned the the bad so i do not so good side. Yes is that all of that ancient energy. That what we've tried to describe and kim fair and anger in some kind of real basic bass bass bass instinctive. Kind of confusion is being released and yet. That's what's that's that. This is the suit that we're all kind of Late again at the moment so again to bring it to what you were saying. So what do we do with this. I think it's really just about humanity reaching a critical mass. And i mean maybe maybe at something like the bible speaks about a hundred and forty four thousand. You've heard of that right answer. So the witnesses take it really literally they say that one hundred and forty four thousand people can get into heaven which i think is not true in heaven not really being a kind of a place that you know that has sort of any kind of restrictions.

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