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Meal via waigel's where she eagles look outta why you doing films anymore rosemary there are alleged is oh the she's nawroz night baby so he goes no i have to do this film and he has they're not to do the fill in that she's do that found so he sends a divorce papers serves the papers up on the set of rosemary's baby yet a great robert evans great producer of the godfather part went to number other films great documentary great book about him called the kids days in the picture and yet uh media had agreed to relent to sinatra's ultimatum all end to back out of the felt that way and then robert evans has the editors show her a compilation of how she looked and how those scenes with her looked in that movie and and could tell right away it was going to be a masterpiece and then she told though not dry go ahead take a walk she was nineteen why would you go out with a young woman like hey look at this late ava gardner museum lewis smithfield north carolina i ninety five exit ninety five the evil guard which he from north carolina get she was right this is wild so thank you joe the vaxxers sending this oh would thorny regarded and that that the old man with with the issue with the shirt and tie on with a year so anyway at the at gettough it up about the armored fascinating fascinating individual france's alber 630 with piscopo the morning hey so give me a break down please exactly yeah joe lumbers and join us but i see today it's going to be and i'm reading here uh rain and snow right becoming all snow after seven am this new york albert while it's no it is slowing now it's just a little from horford restricting common ground zero the majority of the storm is going to take place anytime after the rush hour this morning all day all afternoon and into the evening it'll probably take rough around eight nine o'clock tonight we from stanton mcgillis then yes originally from set nicely all peace all like a true jersey very proud of you now you absorbing the jersey exit visa a wall is that now all all all now you save the regular should hear more sports asked or all all the.

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