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Did issue a short statement earlier today saying in part the big knowledge the incident that happened last night that they have police and security here to respond to an incident if it were to take place and any more information coming from last night's incident will be coming in federal way police. quite awhile to start your weekend here the Puget Sound Seattle police novice to getting two separate shootings that left four people hurt the first creating a scene outside a nightclub on pine street when officers arrived at heard gunshots ring out two men who were hit one was shot four times but police say both men are expected to be okay tonight one person is behind bars second shooting here a drive by just before eight thirty last night in Seattle Seattle's Rainier view neighborhood when assessing to nineteen year olds were sitting in a car when they were hit by gunfire both young men expected to be okay so far no arrests in this case please follow who's been posting homophobic flyers that businesses in downtown Olympia telling them to take down or gay pride flag skulls and fun as more the incident and help the community already showing support to help out it's business as usual inside the gas we salon in downtown Olympia would step outside and you'll see why some employees are still rattled the from window this business was shattered late Wednesday night it was completely blown out it's got wrenching to see this because then we just replace this window September seventh just days before someone posted this flyer right beside the pride flag it says attention you are in violation of natural laws of decency please remove your gay flag from your business facade police are looking into with the broken window and fly are connected several other businesses were also impacted by the flyers but I know Dillinger's had one posted I know the film society had one posted and I know I heard yesterday that the Washington center had one posted as well it's not an isolated incident.

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