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Is he went to Columbia and he could he was a great college football player and nobody could figure out why it went to Columbia because even then it wasn't a big football school at that moment it had been wasn't anymore and the room with the feeling was always because you want to play for that one coach's name of little little and then George Halas traded up to draft him for the bears and all the stuff but it turns out that one of the reasons is the hottest day in New York because his father to my journalism true crime right father's name Meyer lock man who is an associate of murdering SO he wasn't really in murdering but you work with them and his father had found out that his brother in law was embezzling from him and they own a trucking company and its father with one of the guys in murdering basically being his brother in law to death and was arrested and then the police just let him go and they had a wire tap of these guys talking about how the New York police and given a hundred thousand dollars just to let him go and all this was going on in the New York papers wall sid Luckman was being drafted by the bears and they never connected the two in the papers it's on the front page of the newspaper you have the story about this trial and this huge scandal which led to the you know the DA in Brooklyn having to resign and the sports pages you have all the stories about sid Luckman and I think that's a luck when father died in Sing Sing Walser locked and was basically winning the MVP in the NFL it is an image that is one of those and and there's I think that may also up speaking back to some you mentioned about the early seventies I think that kind of secret history of the United States I think all of the stuff about the godfather was kind of Watergate inspired in many regards because it made you think well what else don't we know right if of all this could be going on right we got from let's go to Pat in San Diego on coast to coast AM for rich co in the last pirate of New York Pat hi yeah I just call and I was listening to your show and my great uncle was al Capone's lawyer and which one what was your great uncle's name his name is Joseph wrote site you can find in the internet and stuff and here that I think his partner's name was Carrillo but uncle Joe learned while in prison he shot a man that robin in a card.

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