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Just swing Niagara Falls his relief again in the second row a tech congratulations what do you remember about the the big blockbuster trade with you and the baby and and Raleigh came to the walkie was transformational for that franchise and and quite a career arc for all of you guys to well it was a week of a wonderful moment I remember I was just ten of five player at that time so I had control I've been in Saint Louis and had a wonderful career over there and things changed and circumstances of all the way to put me in a place to come to Milwaukee and I can remember when it all happened you know talking to Whitey Herzog who had orchestrated this the whole thing and saying you know okay who's in the deal what is the deal and he said well the name number players coming to Saint Louis from Milwaukee Cisco surround known few others in and I said well who's going to Milwaukee and what he said what fingers is gone and your grown and vocal which is gone nice to not let me get this straight I see those two guys stringers and brokerage are coming with me two Milwaukee he said yep that's it I said that's the truth right he said yeah that's the truth I said let me talk to Mr suing to get this done talk to but not long after that and he assured me that some vocalization fingers work on and I said okay we got a deal and I said let's go and it it change dollar careers you changed everyone fine book became you know cy young award winner we went to the seventh game of the World Series and Raleigh you know became what he became and then was so it changed everything the walking and it was a wonderful wonderful this is going to be the best holiday.

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