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Today's episode is brought to you by smart popcorn longtime listeners. Probably know that we like popcorn. I love popcorn correction. If you opened the joy at my desk literally bags of popcorn would spill out. One of my favorite things is what I call surprise popcorn when I encountered popcorn that I was not expecting. Oh it's smart food. Popcorn is genuinely my favorite brand of ready to eat popcorn. It's that black bag of white Cheddar popcorn. Ya The smart food folks call that black bag notorious and I cannot disagree nor can I. Smart is in their name. LOOK OUT FOR SMART Food Popcorn in all its flavors at a store near you. They haven't had a good cup of coffee. Since I've been here at take stuck in the Holiday Inn Express h you talk to me right away. Hello and welcome to save her prediction of iheartradio and stuff media. I'm angry Chris and I'm Laurin Vogel Bomb and today we're talking about coffee yes Though big one yeah we've been honestly putting this off because it's so big and so much. Yes and there are so many avenues we could have gone down well. Gosh coffee. Brewing methods different types of coffee drinks. Low taste up Chino's but really for our sanity for your sanity for respecting those topics. They should be their own episode absolutely and we will glance through another few things on here like a like a a instant coffee stuff deserves its own time and space absolutely Because yeah like we could honestly do do an entire season just on like coffee beans and coffee culture But yeah yeah we're going to. We're going to see what we get through here today. Yeah Because while we were gonNA walk who we were fortunate to interview a fellow who sometimes goes by the name Dr Coffee Indeed or Sean Steinman. Phd Young. Yeah and he's the he's the guy that you heard at the top there and yes. I wish that we had gone to him immediately yet. So many recommendations. He's he's literally written the book on Coffee Three actually just held up four days. I wasn't gonNA comment And he has a background in in horticulture in chemistry so he is a coffee consultant and a partner in daylight mind coffee company which is arrested rotary with two locations on the island of Hawaii but yeah he's based in a while who which is where we met up with him In a room in a coffee house with us sorta menacing taxidermied peacock. Yeah this was another instance In which are lift driver overhearing. Our meeting place was a little concerned. Yeah inquisitive about what we were doing because Sean texted and was like well. I'm in the room with the peacock and we were like. What on Earth does that mean? What are we walking into is alive peacock? Yes it wasn't it was not But we had many questions in the lift driver their forehead many questions He was even like Should do you. Do you want to exchange numbers Bursik. Tell me everything's okay. I think it's going to be okay. I think Dr Coffee is not going to know orders or sick a peacock on us and he did not he was great he was lovely. It really was. And if it isn't obvious from past episodes Lauren. I in the office. We work in We're big coffee. People people any day where the coffee machine isn't working in our office is what I describes pure panic panic. I always compare it to the troll in the dungeon scene from Harry Potter where JAYCO malfoy throws down his sweet some all run out of the hall. Yeah that's what it's like it's not dissimilar earlier and honestly it's not even very good coffee. I discovered the coffee can have like flavors other than bitter or Frappuccino Pacino. Only about ten years ago I would say but I'm pretty into it these days. Yeah it's the first thing I consume every morning. I know that's terrible. I should hydrate I'm fairly sensitive to caffeine as well so So I have a hard limit of three cups a day minus two cups a day and proud of you. That's pretty recent. I in stated that only after I figured out that I was addicted to caffeine. Oh you'll share. Yeah because Couple years go I think. Five or so I was waiting in line to see some famous celebrity at dragon con and I had a massive headache and I just assumed hangover territory. Shore dragging on on. I haven't had my morning coffee though and so while I was waiting in the line held my space and I went to go get coffee. The headache went away in what seemed like minutes. Yeah just amazing all gone And then a couple of years ago I gave up coffee for a week or maybe two and the headaches I experienced during those weaker so time period Ruutel. Oh Yeah so bad. Yeah no I yes. I am also addicted to caffeine living in a similar way. I mean it's a drug back when I was a copy editor for how stuff works. Dot Com I got to edit a few articles about how caffeine and and coffee work and it's fascinating it is but that brings us to our question coffee. What is it? Well.

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