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R. how guilty do you think prince Andrew is with this Jeffrey up steam stuff the US attorney for the Southern District here Geoffrey Berman would like to ask you a few questions prince Andrew has hired every lawyer on earth to avoid these questions he's hired special extradition lawyers who have been involved in high profile cases blocking the extradition he's got a whole huge team of attorneys just to prevent the US attorney here from being able to ask anything so I think that tells you how guilty of prince Andrew must be in this Jeffrey Epstein stuff Hey listen obviously when you get a subway you little nervous going to a crowded anything you go to a salad bar you think in corona virus you're a little worried so and and I noticed everybody now is due in instead of a handshake there's no handshakes to doing that elbow bump you know touching elbows everybody I've seen doing that even the mayor recommending that you do that no more handshakes but what experts are now saying cash money is going to have to stop that's a quick way to transmit this coronavirus specially going to a store you buy something you get a change in the coins especially the coins it's just not safe credit cards are not safe because you touch your credit cards when everybody touches the credit card then they put it in the slot they stick it in the thing and that slot is now filled with these germs you stick your credit card and picks up the germs then you touch your fingers to it so at some point gonna stop all that one could think about those that you see people pay with their iPhone it doesn't actually touch anything it's contactless pacer with some point we have to switch to that Hey we are sick some calls its go to re blow in New Jersey a repo Hey mark how you doing I love your show Mannix back back in the eighties there was was there a Chinese restaurant called the mai kai we would go there every Sunday night bush walkers Borg they were feeding us hi we didn't even know three twenty you had cats in the freezer well I don't know how many years would gold at nine ninety nine all you can eat steak on a stick with daughter was Baker chicken in the freezer lows in cat well you gotta get up pretty early to fool you huh think about four PM yeah what do you think you're getting for nine ninety nine all you can eat how do you know how do how do you find out it was cat they raided the place and they found all the data cap hang it in the freezer all right thanks for calling let's go to Karen in Long Island Karen hi yes mark hi mark I'm a big fan always have been right I gotta disagree with you on one thing or I got it you need to get off my chest when a young woman can be responsible for their own actions LA this Jeffrey extinguishes not peace I mean look the white team we should not be celebrating criminalizing and sending someone in using the word great first for content that okay well well well well okay the women women you're saying I've said this to if you are trying to get hired by Harvey once he says meet me in my hotel room at eleven PM you should know something's up is that yeah the women they kept calling and kept that should be going to anybody's hotel room at eleven PM but he got to his hotel room and he said here have a drink and he's sitting on the couch and he puts his arm around you that's one thing but if he opens the door naked the bathrobe playing with himself and throws you out of bed that's different then you gotta get arrested and then you gotta go to the police state this guy raped me they could have taken down financially he's gone we all agree but you know he's repulsive but put it as how many guys get trapped with his work rate after the fact when they I know I mean this is sometimes great people that work there made a pass at somebody they hit out that's not so bad I mean you shouldn't do it but that's not a criminal thing but there is a criminal version of this and the law is pretty clear on that yeah but we we don't these girls with long to the bed you know what what but he forced on your vehicle people would say Hey honey if needed all right if there's any future hardy's call this woman she seems to be pretty pretty forgiving yeah wow the future of you leave your name and number please every exactly like a right I understand all right Karen thanks for saying good call let's go to Vincent Brooklyn Vincent good morning mark the best thing that has everyone speak at all for is that somebody brings some federal charges and against him because the federal prison well what I wanted to say was at the beginning of February when I caught the flu really guy and I had a really bad case of it and I'm I'm up there in age well over the age of retirement my girlfriend helped lead she was with me most of the time she didn't get it at all I think it's a it's a hit and miss kind of thing I mean I think people blowing this out of proportion one hundred you still strong as a bull you still nothing affects you guys you live to be a thousand but perhaps there perhaps that's the the Mediterranean diet it's just a lifetime of Turkey people is something.

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