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Grand Forks online hot spring spas and pool tables to tell Scott North Dakota is building stronger communities by uniting landowners and county officials and supporting more wind power for the prairie twenty nine counties are seeing wind energy enhance their schools roads and emergency response teams landowner support harnessing wind to provide consistent income for twenty five years together we can build a better tomorrow with good jobs and stronger communities and keep our electricity rates among the lowest in the country paid for by north Dakotans for comprehensive energy solutions now you can wear monster flower with total control of your northern region new Holland dealer wants to tell you about four wheel drive tractors with unconvincing all this transition easier faster celebration and easier operation at low speeds with no steps and no ranges just move the controller rational response Gresley for quick response we're more about C. nine auto command tractors stop by your local northern region news today your your W. zero three three day forecast from weather all G. dot com clear skies are expected across the region for tonight with the low cooling into the upper fifties living in tier one say pulled a blue skies and sunshine will be on top highs approach the lower to mid eighties and then also get into Thursday so these guys returned with a high temperature near seventy eight finally for Friday clear skies seventy seven from the flight weather center I'm meteorologist Derrick Coleman on eleven hundred the flag currently at seventy nine if you've ever used a weed killer you have to hear this message I'm attorney Matt Morgan Morgan Morgan recently one of our lawyers as part of a team that helped secure a verdict for couple who contracted cancer after using roundup if you were a farmer casual gardener or anyone else who is use weed killers you may not know that studies suggest apply for say the main ingredient in roundup may increase the risk of.

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