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To you by the bernardi auto group it's a busy day on the roads out there already my friend ads gallery certainly one of those days here's the latest now a new truck crash and 495 itself out a jack knifed tractor trailer unit right at route ninety three the trappist pushed back to route 28 already and they're just arriving on the scene right now so that one's going to be with us for a little while mighty freeze already getting heavy not related to that just volume eyes for once and making your way down past 133 really dascom road until things improve for you up north on route three year in good shape ninety five northbound up by route ninety seven we have a crash a pickup truck traveling southbound across the of the median whoa that's a large median came at crashed on the northbound side just north of the waystation on ninety five uh budgets north of ninety seven 120 it is clear at ninety three rwanda's well at the pima delights and down to saga said review south tattered twenty four northbound jams up from twenty seven all the way up to one 28 95 a hint of a slow down right at the rats 128's up on slow to the expressway on the expressway give it everything starting to fill it now just as you make your way up from adam streamed all the way to columbia road russell looking at some delays longstored rival though an earlier crash has cleared out of the way and we do have a crash inside the oneill tunnel that should be out of the way shortly as well next update is at 543 would wbz's traffic on the threes this season of rv sales event has arrived at outing celebrate the holiday season the all new impressive 2018 q five plus get double to nationwide factory powertrain warranty on every new audi visit audi natick dot com wbz news time 535 time for the.

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