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Like you belong you belong to like your mind she's like well i can be yours and also cannot like i'm not yours right which is like you know which sometimes happens in relationships where it's like oh i'm supportive of this in the abstract but now i'm threatened and now you you are mine and i met at you which is i wish the movie went a little more of his way to be like that also don't there's just certain things where feels like she did not it's weird that she would not tell him before she started having fallen in love with six hundred thirty one people i guess i don't know maybe that just goes to show that she is like as emotionally she is i understand like an advance being would be like this understanding of monogamy doesn't make sense i felt mad not mad at her and i don't think his reaction was correct because he's so unin vance same thing when they had the surrogate i thought it was really an interesting thing to have in a movie and i remember every time i've seen the scene not liking how it plays out yeah that scene plays out well that's one of two scenes with a sort of like secondary or tertiary female character where they react in such a way that we as the audience or maybe just me but we were just like totally it's their their reaction to theater because i feel very action serves the purpose of endearing the audience to theodore more but the way that these two i'm pretty sure thing at the same two characters the way these tertiary female characters react don't make sense they just makes it's just not based in logic because then the one that you're talking about is they bring in this circuit because it'll for mister robot her name is her character isabela samantha had like researched the service where there's like people willingly out there to be surrogates for west human relationships and basically she's just going to serve as the body that theodore can touch and kiss and have sex with part of the feel the love of they have for each other right right to address that physically do you think that that is possibly an interesting idea i think e yes but it's so under thought and under developed as it's presented here that it's like just the way it's presented doesn't make a lot of sense we just don't know anything about isabela's motivation to do this we don't understand why when it doesn't work out she's so guilty and devastated like it just doesn't make lot of sen muscle before it even happens whenever samantha's like hey i like research this already have been talking to this person i want this to happen and see your doors like actually this makes me really uncomfortable and she just totally ignores that that's the other thing that really weird because she's so smart that she does not communicate to him she's very just doing yeah she's like this is important for me and i want this and he's like okay well i guess i'll do it but like and then as it's playing out he is uncomfortable and then to the extent where he calls it off and then that's what inspires isabella's really bizarre over reaction i would call it where she starts she gets hysterical and because we don't understand quivered and you're dislike show line what because we don't understand why she's so emotionally invested in this or what her motivations are for this i mean maybe she's also maybe she's lonely like theodore and this was a way for her to connect with someone but like but none of that's explored so and also why would she not think it might be weird the first time right like surely she would recognize that but could have been like an almost like a funny scene in this movie and it just has so over and then she says the line i will always love you guys like why don't you know you just like what are you talking mostly like is theodore and samantha's love really so beautiful like omega dave eight to be here that seems very weird yes it is seen that underlying that it's like it does seem like they're love is particularly special get rare that foam over there is it's not even in this world but it seems like it should happen all the time based on how the relationship plays out but yeah it was like of the many things that this movie.

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