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Our first stop is l. A. It's just a four point spread between the Rams and Seahawks. Here's Chuck Hayes. Thanks so much rich and we have 9 37 remaining in the third period, the rancher in the middle of a nine place 63 yard drive, and, of course, the Seahawks had deferred, so they got the ball first to start the second half. It was three and after them Russell Wilson, it's scrambled and come up short used the time out to appeal the ruling. And then they went for a long count on third down now, which which turned into fourth down, and they ended up punting away. 50 yards down to the Ram 12 yard line. So Jared Goff has been very efficient on this last drive, and currently there on the Seattle 25 yard line, 1st and 10. There was an injury time out. Rand's tight end Gerald Everett. They have replaced They're a great offense of tackle Andrew Whitworth with Dave Edwards. Ah young player. A tackle from Wisconsin. So with the Rams, currently looking at 1st and 10 from the Seahawk 25 yard line, 9 37 remaining in the third period, it is the Ram 17 and the Seahawks 13. So it's been a tight one. And that has been the script as five of the last eight meetings between these two have been decided. By six points or less than that is the case today. Let's head to Miami right now, where the Dolphins have extended their lead over the Chargers. Here with more is Jack Arm Priester. Yes, they have it just as we were talking before. Word said the charges were starting to play better ball. Justin, however, makes his first mistake of the day and he's picked off by eggs Avian, Howard. Who has a nice return back to the 30 City Charger. 32 yard line took the Dolphins five plays to get it in the engine Durum spiced with a two yard touchdown reception from to a tunnel over that tongue of love was second touchdown of toss of the day. Rather Excuse me. They went for two point conversion. I would've put him up by 14 points, however, gets sick. He couldn't hold onto the ball at the line. He was in a bunch of traffic and I just could not hold on to that ball for the game. Herbert 13 of 19 420 yards and one touchdown, one interception. Kind of alot of 14 of 24 467 yards, two touchdowns, No interceptions. The big news here. So Lon Achmed 18 16 carries for 83 yards and a one yard touchdown. For the Dolphins on the ground for the Chargers cannibalize 16 rushes for 55 yards and surprisingly, Keenan Allen with just two receptions for 26 yards. That's probably the key as to why the charges are behind in this contest. 11 38 to go here in the fourth quarter. Miami on top By 12 26 14 Richard Start. It's a much closer game out in Arizona, where the bills just up by four late third, Let's check in with Adam Green. Yeah, I got is about two minutes and 38 seconds left to go in the third quarter. Just looked like the bills were gonna put Eddie pull away in this one. There are 23 9. After that, obviously coming to your touchdown Catch colonel still down the field, nine place 75 year old drive that finished off with a culinary one year touchdown. Run and then the Cardinals force. The punch was a 12 yard punt from the Bills keep in their territory, but I'm 40 for the Cardinals. They couldn't do much with the ball from them. And it's settling for a 45 yard field goal from sanctions off his force field goal of the day here, the story, this game might be colored. Mary's lack of explosives were used to seeing him pilot yards and down into the areas only 18 25 170 yards through the air. It has just 24 yards and motion sensor. He does have that one touchdown, but it was from one yard out. On the flip side. The bills are 23 19 here. Gosh, l'm 18 to 2471 years and one touchdown as acknowledges 23 hours and six cares Singletary 16 years in three carries and Alan from six years on six carries on his own, So it's been a pretty Explosive offensive game from two of the Marques Colston quarterbacks in the league. Right now, the Bills have the ball and the lead. It is 23 to 19, but about 1 40 left to go in the third quarter. All right, thank you very much. And let's head to Pittsburgh, where the Steelers third quarter still up by 15 on the Bangles Here is Jeff Hawthorne. And the Bangles started the second half much like most of their drives in the first half a three and out Cincinnati oh, of seven on third down the date of one impressive Dr 90 Yards, Joe borrow 16 of 25 189 yards and a touchdown. He Hagen six receptions for 102 yards. That touchdown pass was to Higgins on 1/4 down. Ben Ross's Burger has been the story for the Steelers. After looking like he had hurt his elbow, he has come back. With a vengeance. 17 of 27 243 yards and a couple of touchdowns wanted Deante Johnson was 116 yards receiving and wanted you to Smith Schuster. DJ while with a couple of big sacks to stop Bengal drives as we're early in the third quarter, it's 20 to 7 Steelers over the Bangles. All right, thank you very much, Jeff. And also right now, Renee NATO standing by in New Orleans, where it's been a good one at a close one all day where the Saints just can't shake the 40 Niners back, in fact, beginning third quarter Drew Brees has not come back, and it's way have not been told what the injuries about But Jamie's Winston has been running the show for the Saints. He's two for two for 14 yards ST. Still, with the 17 to 10 advantage, McMullen was 1722 is 23rd faster. The evening was intercepted by Malcolm Jenkins returned as the Niners were in safe territory dropping, but Malcolm Jenkins cut that short and accept.

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