Nancy Pelosi, President Trump, Fox News discussed on America's Wealth Management


Happening at home in any sort of weapons that were found. They know that one handgun was found on Friday with an expanded magazine but they also say that they're still trying to piece together, what other weapons may have been out there. Fox's Mark Meredith severe flooding in Arkansas some five hundred homes underwater. Sixteen counties affected the president signing a disaster declaration, California's Democratic Party holding its political convention in San Francisco. House speaker, Nancy Pelosi's home district. And she addressed an issue on many people's minds impeaching the president. Pelosi adding. On the truth. On say case to act. States of America. One is above the law. Louisiana, Republican Senator John Kennedy accuses the democratic leadership of acting in bad faith, telling FOX politics, determined to make demonizing Trump's or my mission. Oh, was two and a half. Go and, and they're still holding for. This is Fox News. This report is sponsored by credit karma. New crash northbound I twenty five a toll facts is backing you up to Santa Fe little bit flown. Go northbound between Bellevue all the way up to Evans C four, seventy westbound has been.

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