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Nothing wrong very only. Why aren't you up mechanism janitorial begging for chance? Get back there and let me make this pitch goes bad. We'll have a million dollars in lawsuits. Don't you'll think things have toughened up around here with via being murdered? Janis pretty run. Mr Bryce look for the only two guys really the world around you and me but I'll get back there. I got trouble enough already and I don't want any more. I don't get any more trouble. I don't want it should come from you. Understand what you're saying. You continue crying. I'm sorry Mr Markham I'll I'll try to stop as much better. Tell me why did you decide to disappear from the carnival I had to a new? The police would question me about the murder of white Iran so ran away and I knew that was the wrong thing so I came to you very good that you did. I'm district attorney not a person. You can't trust well. I tell me what you know of. Iran's death the lot told you he liked me yes I go that much. What you said. And you mentioned a man named Crandall the Carnival strongman. He liked you to Crandall ran away with me but I made him go. You can see him anytime you like. He's if the boarding house where we all live. That's fine. I'll tell me why you came to me. Mr Markham my best friends at the con of a would that Betty and letty. I'm almost afraid as they are their. Siamese twins both disliked what he ran. They didn't like the idea that he was taking me out after. The show's Betty told Whitey one night to leave me alone. She'd kill him. That's what I have to tell you. So what are the Siamese twins that did she tell me Miss Mellow? They're real? Siamese twins nothing. Fake about whole definitely. Not they were born joined together. They come from somewhere in Europe. I think when Betty Threatened Whitey. Letty assisted tried to calm down. But it didn't do any good. This is a fine situation. If bette made good on her. Promise to kill Whitey. What can I do about it? I can't possibly bring her trial. Considering the fact. That letty or sister is apparently innocent. Funny thing that you bring that up Mr Malcolm. Why's that that's exactly what Betty told white Iran the night before he was killed off? All off is Maga my understand about the Siamese twin twins it rather. I'd say it was very confusing. What happens if you prove one of them killed around? I don't know what are you doing? Ads Watch the Little Red Circle. Vance we're working on a murder case and your pitching metal disks. What's the idea? This is the concession. The late Whitey rand operated the idea is to stand here. Toss a metal disc the size of a penny so that it goes in the red circle up there like this. It didn't go in the circled. It couldn't go in the circle. Markham couldn't you see the entire board is magnetized with the exception of the circle? No matter how close the disc you throw would come to the circle. The magnetic pole would draw it out of White. Iran little ragged going for me so what? I don't think that had anything to do with being killed. You don't know let me see now. We have how many suspects three that I know of Sally Miller other girl. He was making a play for crandall or strongman boyfriend. And the Siamese twins more is that on couldn't say problem at the moving narrowed down the suspects until we fires over there at the carousel horses. Going to minute. Let's see what we can do to help. There's an upper east going to spread the planes all over the look. They fall into Bucket Brigades Bradley Control Ablaze. I hope so. Let's stay right here anything we can do to help fix. All this situation wasn't difficult enough to have a fire carnival. Oh it isn't too much of a fire would have been caught so quickly. I'm wondering what we wondering about an Saul. Hello Bryce do you know? The owner of the carnival. Stephen Rice has fired is going to hurt you. Bryce show can I do about it? This join US jinxed Mr Bryce after superstitious leary when a guy is murdered your show and then a fire breaks out the next day. Oh I imagine not this when I was coming along with telling Mike and Neil about something life. It doesn't concern. Firemen certainly have this under control now. Locker Mr Bryce. You won't have any problem about this fire but it did something that was because but I don't think it has any real importance in the fact that it was the control so quickly. I guess you're right. Hey get a Lotta that big. Hose going into action. The fire will be out in the mall. Now you said that you didn't think a fire at any real importance with checked immediately. That's practically out now. I'll put it have any. I'm not sure what would you say if I told you that? The fire and the murder quite Iran are tied up. You feel advance. I feel wonderful Mr Bryce better now than I felt at any time on this case last I have something to work on. The fire might tell me who broke white. Iran's neck so I can break this. Case May.

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