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I mean people they don't seem to want to call in myers in the senate right now so he can't but but i will tell you this i will tell you that i went to an event and it was standing room only for you and it was an event in the valley and i saw law enforcement and i saw law enforcement checks from trooper colonels and troopers than i saw pilots ups alaska airlines i saw teachers i saw people in the media that can't give a check but that like you in the listen i saw advocates people like the moores who lost their their daughter who said hey we're going to stay out of it you know kevin myers been supportive anita grinalds been supportive all of a sudden bush moore's like nope done with kevin meyer he's not supportive of breeze law easy grunwald one thousand percent and i'm like well i saw a general a retired general at your event and you got up there and you said hey you said you said the lieutenant governor's office is not just ceremonial it's a management position for two reasons one the the division of elections but to if the governor is gone if the governor has god forbid a health problem the lieutenant governor steps up and other people ask you questions at the event they said well you know what are your opponents have on your like absolutely it's it's got congressmen and administrative and i've got tons of leadership administrative background and successes and managing big budgets and big staffs and especially in times of some of the most liberal reading of the military and there's all kinds of ways to find the fishing season best practices and that goes along with what you had a caller in yesterday i was talking about you just can't cut cut cut but you can find lots of efficiencies people have great ideas and you'd be involved and it takes leadership.

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