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The news on the news. This is the third line news. So I guess it's being floated out there that Jameis Winston might be considered a bust the box of obviously moved off of him but GM. Jason Light still has high praise for his former quarterback we have a lot of respect for Janus Janus still part of our plan. If if things went a different route that a lot of respect for him I thought he did a lot of great things. Anybody in our office building would say the same thing. He did some spectacular. Thanks for us. I would never say that personally. I don't think I think I speak on behalf the organization that that he was a vast. I think he's got a bright future ahead of him. Don't at all. No I mean Johnny Manziel Jamarcus Russell Bust Mean Ryan. Leaves our buddy He he was a bust. Jameis Winston through for a lot of touchdowns. And I got to me is I get no pro- productivity out of you and by by year to everybody in the buildings out like Johnny Manziel year to like Baker Mayfield has struggled but this new staff. They're all in on Baker for at least sixty more games right so I don't I don't think he's a bust. I think he and Marcus Mariota won a bunch of games. Marcus Mariota one. More Games at Janus Janus was more productive so they both had value and also the college game in the NFL or different games. Just because you're not a great pro player doesn't mean that you didn't have a good football career and and Jameis Winston isn't great but we don't know where he's going to land next he W- we haven't seen.

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